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Lot's of cool stuff coming for the next beta. Plenty of new features to enhance game play and add strategic depth to the game.

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It's been an interesting time lately working on Lone Wolf.
Since last beta I've added a lot of new features increased Horde sizes being the first.
Since then there are even more like
Environmental Modifiers - Terrain will now have a greater impact on battle such as higher ground will provide a range and vision boost for Archers.
Lower ground reduces range and vision.

New AI Types - Replacing the Easy,Medium and Hard AIs are the new Rush,Turtle and Balanced AIs which play different playstyles.

Expanding CPL - The game's Command Point is being changed.
You initially start with 500 CPL and when you expand by building additional Camps,Outposts and Castles each one increasing your CPL by 250 for each one owned to a maximum of 2000.
This new feature encourages Map Control and more assertive playing.
For factions like Mordor and The Deep they will rely on expanding to field a full army.

The FX for Fire Arrows,White Fire Arrows,Trebuchet Fire Stones and Catapults have been changed and improved.
I''ll upload a video to youtube pretty soon showcasing it.

Morgul is being pulled from Beta 0.4 while I rework it it will be back and finished for Beta 0.5 instead one of the unreleased factions will be replacing it in the next beta.

njordy - - 59 comments

take care about the range and vision of the archers. The range should only be augmented if they're firing at somewhere that is lower than where they are. =P
(Sorry if this sounds idiotly. =P )

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LOTRuler - - 1,497 comments

can't wait.

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gabemorin - - 43 comments

So wait did u already update te mod so if I download it I'll have all of that or is this goin on to a new version

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Radspakr Author
Radspakr - - 1,926 comments

on the next version.

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