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Well its only just so people won't get bored and a few things I wanted to change.

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Alright so you all know its been quiet Iv been working on other mods as well and rl stuff as well. 4.0 is still planned but I have to wait for help from a buddy regarding some sum it up really Redemption is more or less finished to be honest. I did what I set out to do now its just tweaking , bug fixing and adding in a few before 4.0 arrives there is gonna be a 3.5 update consisting of a few things.

Brutal Doom Redemption Reshade effectBrutal Doom Redemption Reshade effectBrutal Doom Redemption Reshade effectBrutal Doom Redemption Reshade effect

1 Reshade: I have come across and reworked a Reshade system using its really nice features to up the graphics and visuals for my mod the download of 3.5 will have every thing you need to run it. It will great but you can toggle on and off as you see fit. Pictures and a video will come soon.

2. Tweaking: just adjusting monster stats here and there but I like where they are except the Spider mastermind but that was a bug being fixed in BDV20b I hope

3. Sounds: Just a few new sounds here and there most notably new shotgun and plasma gun sounds which I think you guys will like and recognize the plasma sound.


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