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All the tweaks I have since version 1.0 was released.

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These are the list of changes I have done since the mod started:

Current mod version: 2.8

-Buildable Tesla Tanks, needs power.
-Tesla Coils are able to charge each other. Increase Range when charged and new fire and sound fx.
-Heroic Kirov's drop Tesla Bombs.
-Heroic Tesla Units have yellow lightning fx. New fire fx.
-Stingrays have firing durations so it kills 2 infantry with one shot.
-Twinblade missile models enabled.
-Twinblades no longer fire their missiles at infantry.
-MiG rocket exhaust improvement.
-Fixed Tesla Trooper firing animation.
-Soviet Reactor leaks toxin residue when destroyed.
-Conscript clip size = 6, increased reload time.
-Conscript molotov throws are faster.
-Combat Engie pistol edit to match ye olde Technicians.
-Kirov take off locomotor slowed down to match blimps.
-Akula Subs and Apocalypse Tanks fire their load at the same time.
-Hammer Tanks have unique shell detonation fx. Firing fx improved.
-Non-veteran Apocalypse have new shell detonation fx.
-MiGs have booster glow effects.
-Soviet Bunkers buildable at the construction yard.
-Apocs and Kirovs are 10% larger.
-Dreadnoughts are 10% larger.
-Sickle and Sentry Turret new soundfx
-Sentry range 310 from 300, but has a preattack time.
-Time Bombs picked up by Magnetic Satellites by level.

-Buildable Greater King Oni -20% larger than King Onis-
-King Onis are now 10% larger
-Shogun Executioner summon as a special power, only one at a time.
-Yuriko psionic blast almost-perfect replication from Uprising
-Tsunami nanodeflector FX tweak
-Tank Buster plasma laser change. Now moves when burrowed. (75% slower)
-Jet Tengu afterburner smoke. Booster glow when transforming.
-Rocket Units/Defenses fixed clipsizes to match models.
-VX/Sea Wing rocket models and exhaust FX tweaks.
-Shogun Battleship damage reduction, and FX change at shells fired, 10% larger.
-Rocket Angel photon rocket models fix.
-Empire Generators provide 125 power now.

-SDK Harbinger fixed, and now buildable.
-Assault Destroyer fires torpedoes for anti-sub purposes ONLY. They still use their cannons against everything (including subs)
-Assault Destroyers have new shell detonation fx, splashes on water.
-Aircraft Carrier's EMP explosion FX tweak, 10% larger
-Carrier Drones are now able to change targets, increased speed, tweaked damage.
-Spectrum laser burns infantry.
-Cryocopter frost death weapon when crashed.
-Tanya MultiTurret fix. Now correctly uses Tanya weapon instead of Spy weapon.
-Javelin IFVs and Turrets should now be stronger than normal IFV/Turret
-Apollos and Drones retain booster light when upgraded with Advanced Aeronautics and built at Airfield/Carrier.
-Advanced Aeronautics booster color changes for Apollo and Carrier Drones.
-Defense Bureau now requires 50 power.
-Centuries are 10% larger.
-Dolphins are 10% smaller.
-Outposts deploy 50% faster
-Dog/Bear IFV now more effective, and new song. :D
-Allied Power Plants can be upgraded to add 50% more power.

Global and Other Changes:
-Used 4x3 User Interface build option slots (Uprising)
-Factions have starting units.
-Construction Yards produces 100 power
-Audio increase on advanced defenses to alert players.
-Aerial dogfights for jet fighters. (Apollo, MiG and Jet Tengu)
-New Sound FX to some units/structures.
-New Colors, more to be added in time.

*~Still undergoing changes or fixes.


I have an idea. You should make the Twinblades larger a little. It looks funny when the little helicopter pics up the Apocalypse and easily carries it around.

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