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The latest character concept art for Life's a Beach and an update on the overall campaign.

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Hello all, as you can see we have added the latest character concept art for LaB. While these designs are near final we are still looking for feedback so please feel free to post any you have. Creating the characters has been a fun and challenging process with plenty left to do on them, from creating the models, rigging and implementing them into the game.

2 concept artists joined the team to help push the character concepts to finalisation, Namakox and ConceptualMachina. ConceptualMachina worked on Morag while Namakox worked on all the other concepts and will be staying with the team to work on environment and in-game material. Please check out their DeviantArt pages, they are both very talented and motivated artists who consistently produced excellent work and always to schedule!

The next step is taking these concepts to 3D, our artist Justin Rader will be working on this in the near future, I will keep you posted on his progress. We've added a new team member for design, Alex Wallace so level work should speed up soon too. Our musician has also come back from an unexpected hiatus (no internet for a month!). We are currently working on the special infected music, starting with the Witch.

We started this project to learn more about the disciplines we work in and to try emulate as best as possible, within the confines of a mod project, the processes with which we make a commercial game. It's important to us to demonstrate the processes we went through for potential employers but it might also be interested to those following the project. I would like to do videos showing how we go about making levels, characters, music and the testing of new ideas. If you guys are interested please let me know.

As always we are looking for new team members, specifically in the areas of design and 2D/3D art. if you are interested you can leave a response to this post or message me.

Thanks for reading and come back in the next few weeks for a new update.

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