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Hi and welcome to my profile page! My name is Andrew Bennison I'm a Game/Level Designer, Project Manager, Photographer, Voice Actor and Artist. I've been working on several videogame projects since 2007 some of which you can view through my Moddb page.

I'm always interested in collaborating on new projects so if you are in need of a:

  • Game Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Voice Actor
  • Quality Assurance Tester

and like my work please feel free to contact me here or via my email:

I created and manage "Prospect" a dev team currently focusing on Left 4 Dead projects. The team is constantly expanding and we have plans for more ambitious and expansive projects in the future. If you are interested in joining the team as a permanent or part-time contributer you can contact me on moddb or via our email:

Current and Completed Projects

Gridlock is a L4D2 map entered into the Natural Disasters Competition on L4Dmaps.

Following the events of Crash Course the survivors find themselves trapped on a free-way intersection surrounded by the infected horde. If it seemed like the world was coming to an end before it certainly does now! Volcanic activity has suddenly started occurring on a massive scale resulting in deadly lava flows and destructive earthquakes.

Breaking down on an unstable freeway during an earthquake just adds to the string of bad luck the downtrodden survivors have dealt with! Now they must fight their way off the freeway. But once they reach the ground they'll have to watch out for lava flow.......

As of 08th September 2012 Gridlock has reached over 11,000 downloads! You can download Gridlock from L4Dmaps here. We may possibly add more content to Gridlock and turn it into a campaign so stay tuned on that front!

Life's a Beach is a new campaign set in the sunny beach town of Rio Sierra. Players will take control of 4 new survivors in a story that takes place after the events of L4D2. Our Survivors (Ryuji, Jay, Kelly and Morag) find themselves trapped on a crashed cruise ship filled with infected hordes.

Over the course of Life's a Beach players will fight their way out of the ship and through Rio Sierra to discover a secret that could bring about the end of the infection.

Prospect is aiming to provide players with a fresh experience with a variety of new content including:

  • new Survivors (fully voiced)
  • Special Infected Skins
  • 5 levels set in a colorful beach town
  • Music and SFX
  • Textures and models
  • Weapons

you can view our Moddb page here where we post regular updates and our L4Dmaps page here.

I'll be adding and updating projects as they develop so please add me to your watchers list if you want to see more!

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is your avatar charlie sheen with a big mouth and a facepalm

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Hey dude about "life's a beach", i was wondering if the skin you guys actually make are going to be replacement of the normal ones or unique like the L4D 1 characters are, if so it can be even better !

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ProspectGames Creator

They are original models, they use the same rig as the L4D2 survivors but that's it. We are also recording custom dialogue for them so they are unique. I'm pretty sure we are the first to make characters specifically for a campaign (with voices etc.)

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Indeed, never saw this before !

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