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Unfortunately Life's a Beach has been cancelled, fortunately we are continuing to work on new games. Read more to find out what we've been doing and where we are going!

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Prospect Games: Future Plans

I expect most have already guessed that Life's a Beach has unfortunately come to an end. First, an explanation. Life's a Beach was very ambitious, we learnt a lot while working on it but realised the scope was far too big for our team. We also have plans for the future (something I'll expand on below) and LaB was starting to interfere with them. We're happy to have re-skinned the entire Special Infected cast and we also helped release Gridlock, a natural disaster map.

We managed to get this far because of the people who contributed so much to the project and the fans who supported us. This project really gave us the confidence to continue making games and that's what I'd like to talk about next...

We are current developing several titles for mobile/tablets and have just released our first game, Bypass. It is currently available for Android and will be out on iPhone/iPad in the next few weeks. If you are interested in Bypass check out our indiedb page, and the trailer below:

Thanks for your support through the Life's a Beach years and we hope you continue to enjoy our work. You can follow our progress via the links below:

Prospect Games

- Andrew Bennison


Awwww, I was excited for this. But best of luck for your future endeavors!

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Damn was really looking forward to playing a L4D2 campaign with a whole new cast

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ProspectGames Author

We were too! You'd have to google this but I'm sure there was another team trying to do something similar with an original cast. Hopefully Source2 / L4D3 will make the whole process easier too.

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Its really said how another good project died and now we need talk at another crap for iPhone (no, dont get me wrong, I have iPhone and I liked a lot of games on it, I am even replaying Max Payne on it, but seriously, this **** is really starting to get annoying).

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Its really sad how another good project died and now we got another crappy puzzle game for iphone :/ (fixed the comment, well, lets say so).

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