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A report on the Liberty Hell Mod that gives insight on the development of the worldspace and creature creation.

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Current build: Alpha

Creation Kit View of New Eden, West Side

So Here We Are! (so far)

14 months have passed since we started work on this worldspace. The visual aesthetics of the landscape is quite beautiful, well, as beautiful as a Post-Apocalyptic landscape can pose.

Undoubtedly, this worldspace is immensely vast and fun to run through with lots of nooks and crevices to explore. There's also plenty of random encounters and loads of wretched NPCs to give the player more motivation to run. When you're not busy running for your life, take a moment to bask in the beauty Liberty Wastes has to offer.

Babbling Brook Take 2

Areas Of Completion & Not So Much

West Philly is on the brink of being finished with only a few tiny areas that need touching up. Philly Zoo is complete with the west end of New Eden (Fairmount Park) nearly finished. Recently, I started North Philly (a.k.a. Ashen Flats that was created from a Jozef-5 ICBM) and Bala Cynwyd.

Approximately half of Center City is done, including Independence Hall. 15% of South Philly is done. Delco South and West of Caustic Hollow and the DF-33 Crater itself is completed.

Jersey from Crab Point to Billingsport is finished and the area east of Billingsport has been started. The big crater in Jersey will be worked on last since it will have it's own map and worldspace (It's god damn massive!). About 23 interiors have been created so far and are either a "work in progress" or is completed with the exception of navmesh and npc placement.

Liberty Wastes Grid Progress July 2017

Progress In Color

To get an idea of how much of the worldspace has been completed, this color index map shows the scope of the workload. The green shaded area indicates a workload of 90% completed with the remaining 10% workload consist of Navmesh generation, actor placement, minor detail work and encounter zones (all these are left for later production). Orange indicates work has started in that area with a workload of 80% or below. Yellow is the area that is currently being worked on; From Bala Cynwyd heading westward to Havertown (or Haverford. It doesn't really matter, it's all ash and rubble now).

First Look at Makeshift WIP

Welcome To Makeshift

Makeshift is a major settlement located west of New Eden and north of West Philly. It is a pivotal settlement, both on main storyline and on a physical aspect. There are many different terrains and environments surrounding Makeshift. From the ruins of West Philly to the lush green vegetation of New Eden or from toxic landscape of the Caustic Hollow to the elevated terrian of Bala; Each different direction departing from Makeshift has it's own different terrain/environment. More details of this main settlement in future postings

Rock Golem Front View

Enter The Rock Golem

Last week, we started work on mesh construction with new creatures that will be found throughout the Liberty Wastes. One of these creatures is called a Rock Golem which is a pile of boulders that has come to life due to intense radioactivity. These behemoth sized Golems are nearly impenetrable except they have a hazmat barrel stuck to their back which is their weak point. Their behavior is typically to smash any living being around and occasional throw a rock at them too. Golems will come in different sizes and shapes, some smaller or bigger than the one in the picture. Other types of Golems will be made too, like Muck (swamp) Golems and Trash Golems.

Rock Golem Side By Side

monolithwarrior1996 - - 54 comments

This is so damn cool looking, I've been to Philly once during a JROTC field trip and I've seen a few of those places in real life so it'll be fun to explore them in the game. This looks awesome, guys, keep up the good work! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Evan_Kapantais - - 3 comments

Great stuff. I am a huge Fallout fan and I would love to cover any sound design needs you might have for this one.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
crazymancody895 - - 833 comments

They look like big good strong hands, don't they.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,080 comments

I'm wondering what you mean when you say it will have its own worldspace? will you have some sort of transport thing? Or is it not all connected like in fallout 4? Also, whats the overall size to expect? fallout 4 size? or much smaller?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DeathLeopards Author
DeathLeopards - - 71 comments

As Commonwealth Worldspace is to FO4 or Far Harbor Worldspace is to Far Harbor DLC, as to Liberty Wastes Worldspace is to Liberty Hell mod. Worldspace is a collection of external cells or in simply put, the outside. As for connecting the Commonwealth to Liberty Wastes, that will be revealed at a later time. Lastly, the size of the Liberty Wastes is bigger than the Commonwealth even though the map size is the same, the playable area is much different. Where the Commonwealth had weird border restraints that leaked onto the map, Liberty Wastes borders on the other hand are either in some parts the map border, or in other parts off the map in some areas (and at times revealing secrets). Commonwealth's egregious borders are most noticeable in the south border before it dips down into the Glowing Sea where the player in an almost random fashion is stopped by an invisible wall and a message would appear telling the place that they could not go further. We're going for natural borders or obstructions instead. So yeah, to answer your question: It's bigger!

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Guest - - 692,080 comments

super excited to see my hometown built in fallout. seriously looking forward to this

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