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I have been working on how to handle level loading and unloading for multiplayer. This includes how to handle alien spawners and how to deal with aliens when the level is unloaded when no player is present.

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If you have been wondering what I have been up to, aside from moving irl, I have been working on how to handle level loading and unloading in the multiplayer build. When the player uses the elevator, the appropriate sublevel will be loaded, when it does it will run all the spawners for that sublevel. So far I only have the spawners for sublevel 2 and 3 completed, but now that I have a system working that I'm happy with the others will be finished in the next day or two, so expect a build.

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Each level will have a bounds actor volume placed around it so that when no player is present the level will be unloaded and any alien AI that has not been killed will fall outside the bounds of the level and be destroyed. When the level is then reloaded when a player chooses to return the spawner will get a list of all the aliens that have not been killed and place them where they originally were. I played around with doing this with a save file system but they continue to be the bane of my existence lol.

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