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The military map is where the start of the zombie apocalypse took place, an experiment gone wrong.

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The military map is where the start of the zombie apocalypse took place, an experiment gone wrong. By the time the military found out about the zombie uprising it was too late, the amount of dead military personnel in the area was already too much for them and with this the zombie apocalypse had begun.


There are a few specific areas around the map, one of which is the medic area, the start of the virus could be found here, one of the signs that they tried to contain it was burning the bodies that you can find around the area.
There are also more general areas such as urban and rural training area, helipads for transport, and living quarters for the military. All in all we tried to segment the base well without the areas in-between sections being too empty.

military 3

Around the map you will find several entrances, one of which being the main entrance and as such heavily guarded, along the sides you will find smaller entrances that are less guarded with a few secret entrances along the way. Each entrance should look to serve a purpose, be it allowing garbage to be disposed of, fuel to be brought in or just general military personnel coming and going.

military 2

That about outlines the level, the chosen biome was a desert as to show off the fact that it was meant as a secret base. Far off from civilization, but with the lack of control on the militaries part the virus managed to make its way to cities.

Above you can find a GIF showing off one of our bullet abilities, a bullet that summons a tornado that will move around and cause damage. Generally around the level you will be able to find bullet abilities that do many different things. The tornado is just one of the lot.

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