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Meet the enemies of biome three and take a look at the improved map in Pandemic Train

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Hello survivors!

We are a Polish studio, and here we are celebrating St. Nicholas Day today!

We think it’s a good time to introduce you to the enemies of the third biome. ;) They will not bring you a gift, but rather take it away from you.

b3 przeciwnicy 1200x900

In this wintry setting, you'll encounter soldiers with firearms, and creatures genetically modified with a virus.

The large Otter bears are rather slow creatures that jump at their enemies, using their size and weight to fight.

You'll also encounter wolves that rely on speed and claws. Better not let them come close ;)

We would also like to show you the refreshed look of the map in Pandemic Train. We've spiced it up a bit and created completely new icons to reflect the variation of visited places and missions.

new map

For comparison, we also throw in what it looked like before the improvement


Until next time!

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~ Pandemic Train team

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