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The Holy Union of Rome Total War and Victoria 2, HELP REQUIRED PLEASE ASK IN COMMENTS

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This mod is looking to be a total conversion mod for Victoria 2 to move back to 270 BC inspired by Rome total war. These are both great games, What I plan to do is below:

Short Term:

New Nations - Ive got a fair few planned, Stretching from the Caledonians and Hibernians of briton to the far eastern chu and gojosuen

New Names - Whenever I give a province to a nation on the map I look for a historical city or town in the area to rename.

New Casus Beli System - To give a more liquid invasion style ie what you occupy, You gain at the end of a war

Medium Term:

Population - This is simply a matter of scaling

Impassible lands - Much land will be unoccupied and can never be colonized, Terra Incognito

Long Term:

New Passive / Reworked Diplomacy

Revised Industry - Industry = Culture, Factories become public buildings, You build a public building instead of a factory. Some will remain as smiths or merchants however

Revised Goods - Some goods will remain, Some will be scrapped/Replaced

Reworked Units - More country specific units, With more tiers and variation

New & Removed Provinces - Yea

Far Long Term:

Some pretty damn advanced scripting to launch a Rome Total War custom battle when you don't want to auto-resolve in Victoria 2, finally bringing a advanced battling system to paradox, Ive already started experimenting with some aspects already successful. There is more work to go though.

What Has been done:

Music and sounds - Full more total war soundtrack, Some Rome total war sound effects

Based on Blank Canvas Mod so all normal Victoria 2 decisions, Events etc removed

The Nations below: (Bold = Complete, Normal = Partialy, Italics = Being made as we speak, This is not a complete list)

Roman - SPQR, House of Juli, House of Scipi, House of Bruti, - The houses may go, There RTWish but not all that historic

Lower Greeks - Sparta, Archaea, Athens, Aetolia

Upper Greeks - Epirus, Macedon, Thrace

Offshore Greeks - Syracuse, Crete, Rhodes

Colonia Greeks- Saguntum, Emporion, Massalia

Asia Minor Greeks - Pergamon, Bithyania, Bosphorian Kingdom

African Nations - Carthage, Numidia, Libya, Mauritania


Great! I am really happy to see this mod come back

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