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With less than 4 days left we are so excited!!!...

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Less than 4 days left until Steam release

We are so happy and excited to say that there is less than 4 days until Early access release for our game and with some of the feedback we have got from testers so far it has been all good.

But of course that's not all we want, we want bad feedback too tell us what is wrong and how we can improve because after all you are the player and we want to be able to impress you and make sure your having fun while playing our game!

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What we have added since last update

Well i thought it's a bit stupid making players go back to the main menu to restart the level so i just added a restart button for a quick restart! (makes life easier).

Also some extra work done to make sure you get a smooth fps. Item spawner works properly now was having problems with items not spawning sometimes but it is now fixed and spawning works the same, only 2 spawners are active at a time out of 15 and once a item is picked up it respawns after 10 seconds on a different spawner!


You show them who's boss!!

Enemies work so much better now than they did before and the whole wave system has been revamped to make it much smoother and challenging for the player! How far can you get?

That's it for now :(

Short but well needed update for us so we are hoping you will enjoy it Monday! Let us know how it goes and we hope to read some of your reviews about it and we can start improving from there!

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Thank you so much for taking time to read this article.


-Ryan O'Sullivan


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