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24. February 2022 - Please share our Twitter page or Steam page.

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Short update and a reminder

Wanted to remind you all that Rising Mist is less than a month shy of its release date and we are thrilled!
Most of the work is done and for the past weeks we have mainly focused on testing.

Finishing testing:
As Rising Mist is all about the story and the experience, we had to replay the game many (many) times in order to be certain that the entire story lines up correctly and everything works.
More and more it became clear that Rising Mist is a completely story driven, visual novel/RPG and we are excited to hear your feedback after the release.

Want to Help? Share - Please:
Please note if you have a gaming channel (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, FB... or anything related to gaming) and would want to feature Rising Mist, we would be utterly grateful to you... or just please share this post, amongst your community or friends, this would also help us (if you like Rising Mist ocfurse).

Curators (?):
Shout out to any curators. If you are interested in trying the game before the release, let us know:

Looking forward to the 24. February 2022.
Thank you for reading.





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