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Some info on how to use cheats, and other configurable aspects of the mod.

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How to enable cheat modes and other fun things

The TL;DR version is to look in hl2_mobility/cfg/mobility.cfg. The cheat modes and other console variables are all described in there.

You can enable cheats by editing mobility.cfg or using the console in game (~).

enable cheats: sv_cheats 1
mario mode: sv_itsa_me 1
floor is lava: sv_floor_lava_dpm <number> (number is damage per minute, so 60 means 1 damage every second)
tough citizens: tough_citizens 1
extra enemies: sv_extra_enemies <number> (number is how many extra enemies each spawner will spawn)
exploding bullets: sv_plr_exp_bullets 1

There's also movement variables:

sv_wallrun_time = how long (in milliseconds) you can run on a wall (2000)
sv_wallrun_speed = how fast you go on a wall
sv_slide_speed_boost = how much speed you gain from a slide
sv_slide_time = how long (in milliseconds) you slide for

You can punch with the use key. There are a couple of punching variables:

sk_plr_dmg_phantom_fist = damage your punches do (2 by default. Set to 1000 to kill anything in one punch)
sk_plr_vel_phantom_fist = velocity the enemy is knocked back by your punch

Lots more variables like that in mobility.cfg.

Finally, I saw a few playthroughs on youtube, and it seemed like no one got into the gun room before the labyrinth.
That's my mistake as a noob level-designer. I should have made it impossible to open the labyrinth door without getting in there. Put a power switch or something. Whoops.


There's exploding barrels behind the wood panel. Shoot them, the panel breaks, you can get in.

Have fun.


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