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Not quite the update you were probably all hoping for, or expecting.. but important nevertheless. A leadership change is upon us...

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A note from the founder (Jake):

For a while now, I've known that one day I would need to step aside from my position as director of Jedi Knight Galaxies, due to ever-worsening time constraints on my part. Running a mod project can be quite difficult and stressful, especially one as massive as this. I've often found myself overwhelmed and the development process has suffered as a result. That is why I can delay no further in resigning from my position as director. However, I'm pleased to say that I'll be sticking around. I’ll be remaining as a developer on the team, and continue running the site and forum.

It's amazing to think that I first founded this project in September of 2008, and here we are already, just under two weeks away from 2011. Over the years, the project has changed and grown significantly; we've achieved great things, many of which others said weren't possible in Jedi Academy. It's this kind of ingenuity and persistence that gives me great hope about the future of Jedi Knight Galaxies. I know that many feel as though it will never be finished, or never release and those same people probably consider me stepping aside as further proof. However, that is not the case in the slightest.

We have a large, talented, and motivated team of developers working as often as they can, on the biggest and most ambitious modification ever attempted for this game, or engine. Whilst the development time may be extensive and our past public updates erratic, I can promise you that the team never stopped working, and it never will. With that said, it gives me great pleasure to announce the two new directors (and current developers) to replace me, BlasTech and Lex. These guys are two of the most motivated and dedicated workers our team has, and it's for this reason (among others) that made them perfect candidates for the position. I wish them all the best; I know that an even brighter future awaits this project, in their very capable hands.

With that said, here’s a few words from them...

Jesper (BlasTech):

People mostly know me as the all-round guy here, able to deal with most fields of a mod. That’s probably because I've been in the loop for so long I will ensure quality of content from the team, keep on working hard myself, and bring gameplay that will be both familiar yet new by "thinking outside the box". To quote a fellow developer, as well as a good friend: "You were a good leader even before you became one." - Let's keep it that way.

We ensure you - the mod is well and alive, even though we seem quiet. There is much going on, but we simply prefer to not show half-done conceptualized content rather than something that's closer to what we intended. Right now we're working hard on getting a special Christmas gift done for you, our extremely patient community... I ensure; it WILL blow your minds. There have been setbacks. There have been exams. There has been other events going on in developers' real lives that have slowed us down, but the mod is progressing nicely, although somewhat slow from time to time. We're coming to realize that these huge delays between updates are probably enough to make people think we're dying, so - with nothing carved in stone here - we might change to more frequent updates, if we're capable of doing that... With that said, let's get back to work, shall we?

Alex (Lex):

I suppose people mostly know me for my critical attitude and my great love for this incredible project. I am leader of the writers; an area that is, largely, completely unknown to the community. What I can contribute to the project? That is really a good question. Unlike BlasTech, I am not skilled with a modeling program, nor can I write even a single line of useable code. Instead, I can provide JKG with some pep, some intriguing story and some community knowledge ‘n stuff (yeah, let’s pretend I’m worth something!) I’m also known in the team for having recruited many of the current members.

As my co-leader mentioned above, there is no need to fear; JKG will not die and especially not now. BlasTech and I are still but a minor part of JKG and while things have been slow at times, we never fully stopped working. JKG has many active and enthusiastic developers, doing their best to fulfill the dream that JKG truly is.

Since everything has more or less been said, I’ll end this post by stating one thing;
JKG has always been – and will always be – breaking the limits.


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kewl beanz

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OMG! finally we get some news! as you say guys not an update but at least some good news! (or importnt news at least)

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