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Lots of things have happened during the last few months. Important things you should know about, so read all about it here. Thank you!

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Hi all,

It's been rather long since the last update on 'Seventh Crystal Of Theia', but with good reason.

A few things happened the last few months, of which some were not very pleasant. To start with, Roland (whom i started this game project with) left the team for a few reasons, and that came on like a ton of bricks to me. There were a few reasons why he left, which i won't discuss here. Let's just say he wants to do his own thing and do things at his own pace.

And, on top of that, we were going through a merge with another indie dev team, which would have made a total of seven (talented) members, but eventually that too didn't end up as good as hoped.

So, this means...i'm on my own now.

But...fear not! 'Seventh Crystal of Theia' WILL live on! I won't let these setbacks come in the way!

In order to continue with the development of SCOT, i had to make some decissions and changes to the entire project. So, i decided to go back to Unity 5 Pro again, and not Unreal Engine 4.

Also, i'm going back to the roots of what the game was in the earlier versions. This means, an adventure/puzzle/action game. And, very important...NO more changes from now on, only progress! :)

YES, this also means that the main character is a female again! LOL

So far, i'm having really excellent results in Unity 5 Pro, using advanced PBR shaders for both assets, characters and terrain. There's also a full day/night system implemented, with weather fx.

And, the 3D Coat/Zbrush to Unity art workflow gives me excellent results.

So, in a nutshell...'Seventh Crystal Of Theia' is back, and better than ever!

I will try to update as soon and as much as possible, with news, screenshots and whenever possible vids. For now, you'll have to settle with a few screens, though. ;-)

Please, do not hesitate to comment!

'Till later,


SCOT   Start   001

SCOT   Start   002

SCOT   Start   003

SCOT   Start   004

SCOT   Start   005

SCOT   Start   006

SCOT   Start   008

SCOT   Start   007

SCOT   Start   010

SCOT   Start   009

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