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Information about the recent uploaded images, whats been coded and more tweaks done on ADR.

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Hi Folks,
Its been a slow month.
As you are well aware 3 new images were added recently which was not meant to be posted on Sonic stadium forums, but alas. as the images were out to the public I had to place them here early.

Now I can tell you what the images mean.

1. Yes Tails is your companion like in Sonic 2 in Ashura: Dark Reign and his flying ability has been coded.
2. Sorry, no Co-op. We did plan to have Co-op back when we was doing the Ut2004 and was thinking of doing a UT3 Mod after seeing Gears of War 1 showcasing this ability. But alas to say it wont be possible to do as we do not have that sort of network functionality. We may incorperate it near the games completion but don't count on it.
3. The images show a small new area of the updated Angel island map. yes we're still working on it.

So Whats new:
Sonic & Tails Physics Assets created.
Sonic's head spines now have physics enabled allowing for movement when moving. (Walking, running, etc.)
Tails added into ADR Framework and Flying ability coded.
Tail Attachment created for player characters. What does this mean? the tail is a seperate animated model that can be animated depending on what the character is doing and can be hidden when required. such as jumping and Spindash.
Sonic Physics has had more code tweaks and has been refined.

Expack - - 312 comments

Nice work adding physics to Sonic's head spines! That'll definitely be cool-looking.

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Eclipse4A - - 9 comments

Sounds good. I didn't even think of co-op, but that would be awesome if you can get it working.

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