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Hey everyone! The mod is still alive! I know I have being quiet with the updates those days. That's normal, I suppose. Still today, I have something for you, enjoy the eye candy.

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Hello, it's being some time since I have posted something about my mod.

Well, the mod is just fine and I made some progress (don't get the idea about a release anytime soon, or maybe not?).

You maybe wondering what happened with my webpage? Well... hosting issues unfortunatly, still I managed to pull backup of it before everything went kaboom. I'm wondering where to host it now... If you have any suggestions for hosting, hit me on private, or on Discord (I tend to hang on in the HLC Discord and Cold Ice channel).

Still, you're not here about that? Right? I'm not going to waste more time. I will list some of the updates I have being working on:

1. 64 weapon slots! Yes, they are fully functional! My plan is to fill in all of them with weapons! Not just clones of old weapons.. actual new weapons...

2. Improved Flame Thrower!

3. New weapon: Plasma Rifle

4. New weapon: Flak Cannon

5. Improved bot code!

Oh yeah! If you hope to get some kills on the bots... prepare to pay with blood and tears!

6. New maps!

... and many more!

I also ported the SDK to the latest one released by Valve. This will remove some compatibility issues and bugs (hopefully).

In my todo list I have:

1. More weapons! Hey I have like 30 empty slots.. let's fill them up! If you have ideas, or you would like to help with a code for something, don't hesitate to reach out.

2. Game modes I have not forgotten about those... I\m still working on the Demolition and CTF game rules,

3. Items! What is a mod with just the default items? I have invisibility, quad damage, suicide/explosion upon death and many more in the pipe.

4. Linux compile! Yes you heard that right!

Well, I guess that's all for the day! See you next time! Just kidding.

Here's some eye candy for you: Flak Cannon

Plasma Rifle

Grenade Launcher

Flame Thrower

Displacer Cannon


Stay tuned for future updates!

Stay safe!

Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

How good that you have not abandoned your project, I hope that it will still be completed and we will be able to play this masterpiece.

Good luck with the mod.

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