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I felt the need to make some final changes to people who still want to play this old CS

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Hi all,

It has been 4 years since the release of this, and I felt the need to make a couple of changes to this old Custom Story. I know about the bug in the cellar, and some other inconvenient things, so I decided to make one last patch to address it. I made a list of changes which i will list here, so you can see for yourself:


patch notes 1.1
- neccesary --> necessary in pre menu
- Removed a - in the overhead layer
- Gave all the orbpieces capital letters in their title
- Added pre menu text that specifies that it is impossible to revisit previous levels

- Davids diary 7:
a happening --> something to worry about
- Prisoner's Note:
waiting until I can leave it ---> just waiting
saybr] ----> say
Let me concentrate on the situation at hand now. ---> Let me concentrate on the situation at hand.
but then ---> but that's just a facade.
He is trying to feel you as relaxed as possible. ---> he is trying to make you feel as relaxed as possible.
put ---> puts
- David's Diary 5:
system ---> plan
With my 16 failures and 2 successes now ---> With my 16 failures and 2 successes
with good things also come bad things… ---> Bad things come when you least expect it
people that disappear in these. ---> people that disappear in these woods.
the policemen had left with his car ---> The policemen had left
- David's Diary 4:
incite the children also ---> incite the children
was working on ---> had worked on
- Anne's diary 3 :
that answer is 'yes' every time. ---> that answer is still yes every time
the huge wine storage beneath the library when we first encountered that thing. ---> since our encounter with that thing
Clark fell ---> Clark fell over a barrel
to put it on paper now ---> to put it on paper right now
- David's Diary 3:
sometime ---> sometimes
- Anne's Diary:
Clark told me later ---> Later Clark told me
He thought that was very strange ---> very strange if you ask me
and we need something to eat or drink also. ---> and we also need something to eat or drink.
- David's Diary 2:
so no unwanted visitors can come and have a look at my portal. --> so no unwanted visitors at my portal.
- Clark's Diary:
However, ---> I am sure
Because there surely wasn't a door there, in óur house… ---> Because I know our REAL house doesn't have a door in that spot
Added: When we first got here,
- 2 houses?:
It's 2 days ---> It has been 2 days
And then there is that glowing orb also ---> and then there is also that glowing orb

Other Things:
- Changed the 3 levers in the cellar to just 1 lever, that opens the 3 portcullis doors.
- Added a 'subtle' hint in the first house map to make the first orb piece puzzle a bit easier.
- Made the orbpiece that is stuck in the pipe in the crematory part of the catacombs non-interactable. (not the orbpiece you need to progress. Yes, there are 2 props, one that is stuck, and one that comes out)
- Repositioned the hatch in the sewer part of the catacombs so it is now easier to go through.
- Made it impossible to mistakingly go through the dark mansion part again if you reached the church
- Made it impossible to reach the portal in the last encounter without actually doing the boss fight (Yes, I am looking at you, people who used the pipes to get around the invisible wall)
- Added extra message that explains what you need to do in the last boss'fight'
- Added extra message that tells you to assemble the orb before moving on in the church
- Added a locked sound to the dark maze level door


I am sure I still missed some things, but the big problems are out of the way. Everyone who wants a good ending can get their good ending. :)

PS: I was quite a bit younger when i wrote the notes (16 years) and English is not my native language. Though I changed a couple of things, I still wanted that 'not perfect english' vibe to remain. I think it's charming.

PPS: I know that Frictional games released update 1.3 with a level editor, but when I tried out that level editor my computer almost exploded. This mod wasn't made with 1.3 in mind, But i think it still works when you play the game, just dont go around messing with my maps with that version because you are going to get errors for sure

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