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Just thought I'd write some more about SPACE 3102 as a last update of 2010 to show that the game is still in development.

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Last Update of 2010

Just thought I'd write some more about SPACE 3102 as a last update of 2010 to show that the game is still in development.

SPACE, the final frontier... well, in the world of SPACE 3102, space has just become a huge desert in a world of opportunity, a minor obstacle and a huge distance to travel for a vacation. In this world there are most things we have on our planet, gang fights, large companies who seek to gain as much control as possible. There is also a war on, in sector H-04 a new race of aliens (called Ractas) has just claimed it as their own territory and as if there is not enough universe for everyone, the humans had to start a war. As it is now, there are 3 intelligent races in the universe: Kohlar, Ractas and Human. Read more about the Kohlar.
(only 2 will feature in the game, Human and Kohlar). Humanity started first with space exploration. They found the first habitable planets and are also the most powerful. There are 3 large human worlds: Earth, Alexandria and Theogonia.

Earth is our planet, no big change there except that there are no individual countries left, just provinces. China - a province, Europe - a province, USA - a province and the rest of Asia is one as well.

is different, it's a huge wasteland with only a few habitable locations around the equator. There are many large cities on Alexandria and also the best place to get some real privacy in our universe.

Theogonia is a forest planet, filled with jungles and swamps and wide open grasslands. It's also the largest planet of these three.

Then there are the colonies, they are small stations on newly discovered planets all around our galaxy:

C.14 (the G1-System)
Population: 34 scientists, 203 civilians and 4 standard pilots (ESAD).

C.24 (the MI-System)
Population: 30 scientists, 199 civilians and 3 standard pilots (ESAD).

For a full list of planets and colonies look here.

The ESAD (Earth Space Administration and Defense force) has the most control over space travel, they have the largest fleet and they control who comes and leaves a planet. They have a total of 8692 pilots, 7602 spacecraft, 500 of them are hired by the military (another excellent way for the department to gain more power in the galaxy).

Now for the story of the game, many of the things mentioned above will probably never come up in the game but it's good to have some extra background. Read more on the forum
Naturally, you are unaware of what is about to happen in the beginning of the game but that will soon change as you are contacted by the military.
Read more about Phil
Read more about Cailey

As for the game itself, production is slow. It will probably take a while before we have any real updates to show. We still need an experienced UDK scripter/mapper to help us out get this game into shape.

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