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Some rather large news about the project, straight from our Team.

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ArmSTALKER WARZONE 3.3 mod updated this year!

Read the news in its entirety, it is very important!

List of changes:

- Added a new model of CVC-helmet;
- Added a new model of Backpacks;
- New Easter eggs added;
- Added 2 binoculars, Soviet and one with a built-in Night vision;
- The dosimeters are now transferred to the pistol slot. To use, you need to hold it in your hand;
- The war for key points is returned (so far only for Duty and Freedom, after the New Year, the group leaders will be told how it works);
- Returned mutants "Spider" and "Splinter";
- The old Duty texture is returned (uniform);
- Helmet rebalance;
- Rebalance of SEVA, Bulat, Exoskeleton and several bullet-proof vests;
- Another attempt to fix the initialization of the player;
- Fixed the lack of textures in the mutant parts;
- Fixed errors when initializing mutants. The initialization time was reduced by 2 (!!!) times;

The registration set is closed for two weeks (until January 15), the team goes on vacation.

And now about the news.

Updates will not be made for about 2 months, and support for this database and the "Alpha Zone" map is discontinued.

The fact is that we are planning to release the main CEZ map and the new database already in February and all the team's forces are thrown at it. The map of the CEZ will develop, new locations will be added, the wishes of the players will be taken into account. The decision was made due to the fact that we were too often distracted by the unfinished maps for the server and this was draining energy to work on a real, full-scale map, and after releasing the map to the test server, we will eliminate the shortcomings on it, we will update it more often, and so on. Since the map is huge, the gameplay on it will be very different from what it is now.

Most likely in February the WARZONE tagging will disappear, and the full-fledged ArmSTALKER ONLINE will appear.
Happy New Year to all of our Supporters and Followers!duDeBZnspDs


Happy New Year to you too!

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