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Laniakea Techdemo - Retro "16-bit" metroidvania platformer gets a new Update to V0.2.1. Here are the Patchnotes from last Update V0.1.7 to V0.2.1.

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Hey ho!

Finally, next update of LANIAKEA is here. V0.2.1 is a big step forward for the demoversion of the game since the complete map/world layout for it has now been finished.

There are plenty major changes in this version. The most important thing is the new playercontroller and playersprite. The animation system of the player (Lani) has changed from "sprite" to "skeleton" animation which makes it lot easier to create new poses and looks much smoother in motion - but it's currently not perfectly adapted to gamepad controll at the moment(will be fixed next weeks). Just take a look at the complete log for what has changed. (please open/expand this post for complete news)...

Screenshot 1

The current goal is to finish and polish the Demo to a final "state" until around Jan 2018. The demoversion should be around 20-25% of the complete game.
The most important missing content in V0.2.1 are 3 additional bosses (currently only placeholders) which will be added until end of the year.

Screenshot 2

After this stage "Laniakea" will change from its "techdemo" state to an offical Alphaversion.

Screenshot 3

The next step (upcoming days) is to wipe out the most anoying bugs to get a stable working gamemechanic for the expect some hotfixes the next days.

Screenshot 4

By the way:

If you want to give me support in developing the game, there is now a patreon page available. Get more/additional information here:

Since I do all the assets, coding, testing, composing, on my own, this would help in speeding up the development since I could outsource some work to profesional artists. (I'm very very slow in painting new Tilesets :-) ). All pledges will be used in the creation of new Assets.

Screenshot 5

Thanx for reading and have a great time!
And please share the game to your friends if you like it. :-)


PS: You can always help me by sending in gameplay videos ("lets play"). Seeing how other people are playing the game, discovering the world, helps me a lot in designing the world and flow of it.

Screenshot 6

Here's the complete changelog for since V0.7 -> V0.2.1:

* ADDED : new Player animation system
* ADDED : new Player animations
* ADDED : redrawn Player sprite
* ADDED : new Backgroundtextures
* ADDED : normal maps for some bg textures
* ADDED : new StartArea
* ADDED : new Enemie "Angry Worm"
* ADDED : new Enemie "Ceiling Plant"
* ADDED : new Enemie "Tantacle Light" (blue and green)
* ADDED : new Enemie "One-Eyed Worm"
* ADDED : new ENemie "HellHound"
* ADDED : new explosion fx
* ADDED : new Weapon: Flamethrower
* ADDED : new Ability: Dash
* ADDED : Nuclear-Bomb
* ADDED : new AudioFX
* ADDED : only Savegames with correct gameversion are loadable
* ADDED : first basic implementation: Ingame Map (Radar)!
* ADDED : new UI
* ADDED : big map (Key M)
* ADDED : Inventory/Loadout (Key F)
* ADDED : Input Config Menu (O=Options)
* ADDED : 3 SaveGameSlots
* ADDED : Discovered MiniMap will now be saved to SaveGame
* ADDED : new Enemie "AlienFlower"
* ADDED : new Enemie "AlienCrab"
* ADDED : new Enemie "MediumRobot"
* ADDED : Item(Charger) Animation
* FIXED : Rockets will open yellow (and red!) portals
* FIXED : light/atmosphere improvements
* FIXED : a bug where Player could get inf. Health at Savestations
* FIXED : energiecontroller/UI did not refresh correctly
* FIXED : Savestation will instantly gain Health to 100%
* FIXED : Flamethrower can now open standard doors
* FIXED : enemies could push player out of level in vertical door
* FIXED : player can now only stand up if there is enough space above
(could result in player stucking in ceiling)
* FIXED : misc. minor bugs
* FIXED : blood hit effect on player
* FIXED : a bug where player could enter in a fly state when opening map
* FIXED : a bug where ingame map could scroll out of camera range
* FIXED : a bug where custom input mapping was not saved
* FIXED : JumpBoot strength was not saved to savegame
* FIXED : Boss1 HP reduced from 1300 to 1000
* FIXED : Using Dash ability while passing doors could result in
falling through next room
* FIXED : Player sitting animation lowered to hit smallsized enemies
* FIXED : Player can now aim down after beeing in falling state
* FIXED : PlayerBullet will pass through enemie corpses
* FIXED : Player will now only slide on slopes > 45°
* FIXED : uniform playercontrol via Keyboard & Joypad
* FIXED : Maplayout where player could stuck in deadend
* FIXED : Room7 - Player could leave map through non exist. wall
* FIXED : "Doubleexplosion" of rockets
* FIXED : First Boss slightly reduced movespeed
* FIXED : some Portals where player could stuck in
* FIXED : some enemies clipped into wall
* FIXED : "DONE-SPAM" Nameentry bug
* FIXED : BulletChargeTime dec. from 1.0 to 0.75
* FIXED : Boss didn`t use attack pattern

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