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Just a breif land units list for both the Sith and the Republic. I would like feedback on what you do and dont like.

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What I want to do with the land units is include all the classes from the up coming The Old Republic MMORPG. All the advanced classes will also be in the mod. For example, the Sith will be able to build Sith Warriors from tech level 1, but they wont be able to recruit the advanced classes Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut until tech level 3. The same goes for the Jedi. They will be able to recruit Jedi Knights from tech 1 but Jedi Sententials and Guardians will be available at tech level 3. the same goes for all classes from The Old Republic

Sith land units

Sith troopers.
Sith Plex troopers.
Sith heavy troopers.

Light factory
Sith scout speeder.
Sith war droid MKI.
Sith war droid MKII.
Sith Star-fighter land.
Sith Interceptor land.

Heavy Factory
Mobile Anti infantry canon.
Sith Walker.
Sith troop transport.

Sith Special units

Sith Academy (only buildable on Korriban, Droumand Kass, Coruscant)
Sith Warrior.
Sith Marauder.
Sith Juggernaut.

Sith Inquisitor.
Sith Assassin.
Sith Sorcerer.

Bounty Hunter Recruitment faclity
Bounty Hunter.

Spec opps Academy

Republic Land units.

Republic Troopers.
Republic Plex Troopers.
Republic Security Troopers.

Light factory
Sentenial Class Battle Droids.
Republic light tank.
A-wing Fighter land.
Republic fighter land.

Heavy factory
Republic Assault craft.
Portable Heavy Artillery.
Republic heavy tank.

Republic Special Units

Jedi temple (buildable only Dantooine, Coruscant, Trython.)
Jedi Knight.
Jedi Gaurdian.
Jedi Sentenial.

Jedi Consular.
Jedi Sage.
Jedi Shadow.

Smugglers Hideout
Elite Training Acadamey
Republic Combat
Republic Vangaurd
Republic Commando

This list is subject to change. I would like to know what the public thinks of this list so just speak you're mind about it down below.

OsoDEADLY - - 668 comments

(I think its very creative especially how it focuses on infantry to build the main army like most star wars battles do)

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LordVindican Author
LordVindican - - 338 comments

there's just not alot of info on armored vehicles for this time frame, and i want to keep this as cannon as possible

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Nase123 - - 2 comments

The only Vechiles i have seen in-game would be the Republic and Imperial walkers and Transports. but I like the selection :)

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Nase123 - - 2 comments

I have a question about the Character class units, will they be like heros and use their abilities, or come into a battle in a squad and destroy everything?

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LordVindican Author
LordVindican - - 338 comments

character classes will be like minor heroes. they will have abilities but they wont have the health of major heroes

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