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We are back, and getting ready for the version 4.2

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Well we apologise for the lack of movement on our side things have just overtaken us of late. We shall now be working on Version 4.2 from the 22nd. For now we are going to be collecting and collating information and hopefully getting the best out of the next version.

These are on the current changelist:

Kirov speed nerf
Dolphin hitting land bug needs fixing
Yuriko omega vs aircraft (perhaps an attack delay, or not instagibbing large aircraft such as centuries and kirovs)
Cryogeddon nerf vs empire T3 production structures
Possibly decrease cryocopter nerf vs collectors
Nerf to molotov reload time
Archer maiden damage vs infantry reduced
All MCVs speed to 40
Some changes to colours
Possible nerf allied PP back to 1.12 levels and give power plants a buyable upgrade instead

Tell us what you think, and give us ideas here at Moddb.

Here in the CnCforums:
Here in the Forums:

Hope you guys, have not left us and are enjoying the current changes. Please keep playing and sending us your bug and balance fixes. Also anymore people are welcome to join our team and help out. We use Xfire mainly for development chat so add me on xfire: redalert2008 and join our team.

Thanks for your patience;
The RA3 Community Patch Team

Commander_RealWar - - 923 comments

My Idea: make all commandos hit aircraft!!!
I'm also hoping that the allied power plant upgrade will get some type of prerequisite.

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RedAlert2010 Author
RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

How much extra power do you think the upgrade should give?

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Commander_RealWar - - 923 comments

Maybe somewhere between 20%-30% more power. I'd stay around that range just to make sure it's enough power to help out, but not too much that it becomes inbalanced. Also, price of the upgrade is also something to consider.

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RedAlert2010 Author
RedAlert2010 - - 72 comments

hmmm i think it should be say 200-300 creds depending on what the increase is.

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