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It will be a few months before Labyrinth exits Early Access and we are working on a big update for that. Here are some in progress screenshots of feature enhancements that are in the works.

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Feature Enhancements

In the upcoming update you will be able to edit the decks of your heroes and bosses right on the party select screen before you go adventuring.

Edit Decks from Character Select

We are introducing a new in-game currency, Starstone, that you can use to buff your boss from encounter to encounter.


Practice mode will be a more prominent part of the user interface because many players want to test out the changes to their decks before they go adventuring.


The City of Starfall is quite a maze in of itself. It is only fitting that this is the starting point to putting the "labyrinth" in Labyrinth. Embark on your adventures from here.


After completing an encounter there will be opportunities to gain treasure or if you didn't do so well, wounds. These are cards that are temporary, but exists from encounter to encounter.

Treasure and Wounds

And as always, we continue to add card art as we can.

New Card Art

Lastly, please remember to vote for Labyrinth. If your button is red, you still have the chance to vote. And it's OK to vote for multiple games.

For those of you new to Labyrinth and have read this far, you can find Labyrinth on Steam in Early Access.

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