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La Caza Released today, found issues with Mac Users, window gamers rejoice?

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Now, don't get me wrong. I have no problem with Macs or people who use them. In fact, I really wish it were Apple who had monopolized on the PC market. Macs are built to work; Windows PCs were kinda rushed. Now, I'm getting off track here, but here's the deal:

La Caza, a full conversion modification, released today. Attempting to release on date, the compressed files were uploaded, people began downloading but, I did not think of the possibility of incompatibility with Mac users!

The La Caza.exe is a simple '.bat' file with this code:

" Amnesia.exe config/lacaza_main_init.cfg "

This is essentially just launch options for a Windows user but, I am bewildered on how to create a shortcut for Mac users, using the correct launch options. I've searched resources for an example or way, posted a few things and even got a response PM from Frictional Games' Thomas Grip, still nothing so far.

A work-around has worked though, for Mac users who bought Amnesia: The Dark Descent through Steam, you should be actually able to:

Once the files are extracted into the correct directories
In Steam Right Click on Amnesia >> Properties >> Set Launch Options...
and simply paste "config/lacaza_main_init.cfg" (without quotes) into the box that appears and press "OK".
Press play on Amnesia and La Caza should run.

Once I get a real solution though, the mod will be updated!

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