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So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 and KotOR2 on the App Store.

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So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S20 and KotOR2 on the App Store so that I could test the project, got it installed first time no problems, just don't copy the movies or streamwaves/streamvoice folders for the port as the formats and codecs haven't been determined yet. ( Edit : also search for and delete all "*.gui" files from the override folders when copying to the mobile except the file galaxymap_p.gui )

Running on Samsung Dex on the computer via the Samsung Galaxy S20

Hopefully someone will figure that out or Aspyr will let the community know one day.

While I haven't got off of Taris yet, I am at the Sith Base already ( tar_m09aa ) and everything has worked fine though I know there are differences in the dialog.tlk file so some things in the menu or controls page might have the wrong information, but I think that is part of the same problem as above in that we are unable to access the contents of the .apk for KotOR2 to access it's dialog.tlk file, new Override folder contents such as .gui and anything else that might have been added specifically for mobile such as the new interface.

Moving forward I will be able to test everything on both platforms easily, when I have a moment I am going to write a guide for users so that they can properly convert the voice and sound files for the port.

Finally all of the appearances in the port are correct, at least I think!

Still hoping to get one of my original xboxes setup with the project as well as possibly a 360 that I need to repair and perhaps in future other models of xbox if they can be modded and if it might be possible to install the project or create a modified .iso of the game.


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