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Some bugs have been found in the original Complex 8 beta 0.9 and they are beyound my ability to fix.

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- The Battle Shipyard doesn't have proper texture around the engine section. It's white, really white...(FIXED IN 1.8, by borrowing new model from Complex 8 beta 0.9.4)
- The Ark doesn't have proper w19 HardPoint on which the bottom blaster cannon is mounted. In the original Complex beta version, this cannon is mounted on w18 which is already occupied by a 6x kinetic cannon, and this really looks weird. At the beginning, I successfully planted the blater cannon to w19 without having any trouble. But then somehow, it doesn't function properly anymore and leads to game crash. So I can only mount the blaster cannon back to w18 and delete the 6x kinetic cannon which should be mounted there. However, the Ark doesn't have less guns, because I reactivated two 6x cannons in the rear end of this monster. (FIXED IN 1.5, the hardpoint w19 is actually on an active door and there's no need to mount a cannon on that)
- The speedometer simply doesn't work. And I don't have any idea about fixing it. (FIXED IN 1.5! I found that the square root of SobGroup_GetActualSpeed() function is the right speed in m/s! )
- A small bug occurs while switching from sensor manager. The battle chatter of allies can be heard twice sometime, even I'm already game over! (THIS IS NOT REALLY A BUG I THINK)
- The texture of the Trade Convey consumes excessive computing power, and a dozen of them could make the frame rate really slow even on a high end system. I could only solve this problem by limiting every player to build only one trade convey at most and reducing the LOD of this ship dramatically. This seems ridiculous, but it works well.
- The same texture problem appears on the Ark. Since there couldn't be too many this ships at the same time, it doens't cause a problem as severe as the Trade Convey does. However the game is still perceptibly retarded when Ark appears, and this could damage game exerience and your confidence in your expensive hardware.
- The user interface has another problem, that is, it doesn't work well when screen resolution isn't high enough. In 1024X768 mode, many texts cannot display completely. For example, the Name and Role of some ships, the building descriptoin of items in the bottom of build lists, and the Surface Temperature when it appears. (PARTIALLY FIXED IN 1.5)
- In Movie Mode, the health bar doesn't disappear automatically when you focus on enemy or allied ships, especially when you are observing the game as an inspector after death.
- The planets in the background doesn't self spin in a constant direction. For example, at the beginning of the game, Earth may spin eastwards, but after a while somehow it spins westwards! And their angular speed is not constant too. Although this doesn't affect game play, it remains to be a little hilarious since I don't know how to fix it.
- Heavy Nuclear Bomb cannot hit the Orbital Station. It just hesitates there without explosion. (PARTIALLY FIXED IN 1.3, because nuclear bomb can fly faster after upgrade)
- the Ion Cannon of Cruiser-Type-A (2 barrels) produces aliases of ion texture all over the screen when ion beams are going to fade. (FIXED IN 1.1)
--Hw2.log indicates that something must be wrong with the orignail Complex mod, I still don't know what it is, as the Hw2.log recorded: (FIXED IN 1.6)

parameter: attempt to compare nil with number<br />stack traceback:<br /> 1: function `transportcell' at line 57 [string ""]

- After saving and loading, the game may go wrong with graphic rendering. This is a new problem appeared since 1.5 version. I've tried my best to find out what it is, but none of my attemps succeeds. By using the method of replacing files, I can conclude that this problem should exist within ships or subsystems or weapon or missiles. I think it must be a stupid mistake, however I'm still not sure whether I can find it. A strange behaviour of this bug has been found: it's only related to AI players, but it has nothing to do with the race of AI players.
- Capture Speed Upgrade (for marine frigate and infiltrator frigate) simply dosen't work. After upgrade, it actually makes my own ships easier to be captured by enemy! (FIXED IN 1.8, I just achieved this function in a very complex way! Now I really doubt if I am the first modder who achieved this function in Homeworld 2 :P)

- AI players' collectors could chase a capital ship all around the map when they want to deliever some salvages. (FIXED IN 1.9, At first I realized increasing the tolerance of dockpaths in HOD file could solve this problem, but then I just found this method could also lead to unstability after saving and loading, hence I managed to solve this bug in a very complex way again...)

Aroxan - - 5 comments

I want to signal an important bug who makes the game unplayable.
The bug is not present from complex 7.4.4 but I don't know if it is present from Complex Beta 8 or just in ComplexSimple.
The bug was already there in ComplexSimple 0.7 but it has aggravated in version 0.8

Fast and abnormal processor saturation.

I'm practically sure this bug is caused by the way of the game manage his docked ships system.
I explain.
The game is totaly fluid, then you begin (or your opponents) to dock ships (it can just be the crew cells), and then, the game is slowing down fast, in just a few minutes, with just few ships docked, the game is almost unplayable. Cuts, no responses to keyboard and mouse actions during, freezes, falls of fps and game speed at general. Just what happens when your processor is overcharged.
You can save the game, and load it, the game becomes fluid again...for a few second, then, here we go again, more faster this time.
The bug appears fast after game starts, perhaps 10-15 minutes.
I have check the memory need of the game before lags and after lags, it doesn't change significally, this makes me think that the problem can be an infinite loop in the master code(where the game is managing docked units), perhaps a process making infinite sons, and never terminates them.

Oh, for those who are thinking "It's because your pc is ****!", i recall you "After save and load, the game becomes fluid again", and i have a good processor (core2duo E8500).

Perhaps this bug deserve to be reported to the Complex Beta Team, if that doen't come from ComplexSimple.

For now, I just can't play a mod which I WANT to play, arrrr !

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siliconworm Author
siliconworm - - 1,131 comments

Thank you for your report, I'll check this problem very seriously and thoroughly. But I'm confused about your statment, can you tell me what exactly kind of docked ship makes the game freeze? I've tested countless long matches (more than 40 game years), but nothing as you described ever happened, and I haven't found anything wrong like that with crew cells. In fact, crew cells are programmed to dock automatically, and I don't think you can dock them manually.

I see you mentioned "infinite loop", I know exactly what it looks like when the game falls into an infinite loop -- the game will suddenly halt to a dead still, then you can't move your mouse, or open the menu, everything just stops there without any response. I'm pretty sure that just one single infinite loop will bring the entire game to a complete halt, all in a sudden, and you won't see any deteriorating process before that! However you mentioned this problem appears gradually in a few minutes, so I don't think it could be caused by infinite loop.

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Aroxan - - 5 comments

Docked ships, like Patchers, Drones, Collectors & Containers in Mining Bases, or any others ships docked in any capital Ships.

This bug happens with Hiigaran AI player, when they began to dock patchers.

This problem is not a fps problem, i'm absolutely sure of this, i know to recognize a fps drop (like when you are too close from emited dust clouds of the power station), and this, this is not fps drop, just...cuts, heavy cuts.

I've changed my computer this week (Intel=>AMD ; one card => crossfire, ddr2=>ddr3), doubling 3DMark11 score, and the bug is totaly the same :s, coming as fast as before when ships are docked. :'(

Okay, this is not an infinite loop, but something is overwhelming the CPU when ships are docked, what can it be ?

For the camera Bug, it's a Homeworld2 basic game bug, my solution is to let open the building/research/launch menu when it did it, the bug disappears afeter 10-15minutes :D

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siliconworm Author
siliconworm - - 1,131 comments

OK, I've never seen this, and nobody else has ever reported this. Please tell me all your skirmish settings, including player numbers, races, difficulties, starting fleets and so on, AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE! And when it becomes "heavy cuts", don't touch anything, just switch to Desktop, go to Bin\Reslease folder, open Hw2.log with NotePad, copy everything inside and send it to me, then I'll see if this is a functional error.

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Aroxan - - 5 comments

I'm always playing Simple Custom.
Starting fleets that i play with : All excepted Defcon/TaskForce/Expedition.
The Armada starting fleet is unplayable in one minute because of the docked fighters/corvettes at the begining.

Difficulties : Normal/Hard
Numbers of AI : was everything, but since the bug, 2 AI player at maximum.
Autosave : activated (mostly 5 years)
Every settings at normal excepted : pop limit at maximum, battle duration at maximum, starting resources at high.

The command line for the shortcut is : -mod ComplexSimple.big -hardwarecursor -luatrace -determcompplayer -w 1920 -h 1080

For the Hw2.log, i'm gonna do it this evening or tomorrow.

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siliconworm Author
siliconworm - - 1,131 comments

I've watched your video:
And in private message I told you this is not very fluent in consideration of the beginning of a game. This could be because your screen resolution is too high, but it could also cut that much on my computer too, the only difference is that on my computer, everything is just fluent until there are too many ships in the map after many game years (while 6 players are all getting very strong). I'm sorry but I'm not an expert in hardwares, I can only suggest you to try to reduce screen resolution, or check your video card settings in its own utilities, reset some unecessary rendering settings if they are set too high, like anti-aliasing, multi-sampling or something like that.

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siliconworm Author
siliconworm - - 1,131 comments

As far as I know, there're certain situations that the game can become very slow but not stopped:

1. When there are too many Hiigaran ships in the map. Most of the Hiigaran ships don't have proper Level Of Details settings in their models, a lot of them could eat your computing power dramatically, causing low FPS. This problem came with the original Complex mod, you can see it not only in Complex beta 8, but also in Complex 7.4.4

2. Very rarely, when you are rotating your camera, FPS could drop very significantly. I still haven't figured out the reason, I think this could be some random synchronization dysfunction in the memory. Because it seems to appear in every mod without any regular pattern. In extremly rare cases, I have to reboot my computer, and then it came back to normal perfectly.

Both of the above situations have nothing to do with docking. According to your description, I think the first situation could be your case. Because you said the problem appears after 10-15 minutes, this means there could be a lot of Hiigaran ships in the map, leading up to low FPS. But I still don't know why you are so sure that it has something to do with docking ships.

All in all, I'm totally confused, please describe how you make sure that it is cause by docking ships. And when the problem appears until you can't play, please go to Bin\Release folder immediately, open Hw2.log with NotePad, copy everything inside and send to me, so I can analyze it.

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Johbak - - 1 comments

how do i uninstall this crap!!!

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siliconworm Author
siliconworm - - 1,131 comments

If you are playing with the big file. Just delete the ComplexSimple.big and the shortcut for it.

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