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Knights of the Force Knights of the Force 2.0 is a Jedi Academy Modification, which the development took place between 2003 and 2007. Previous 1.0 version was developed and released for Jedi Outcast in 2002. Knights of the Force (KotF) is an expansion pack which recreates Jedi Academy with levels, characters,

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Knights of the Force
Knights of the Force 2.0 is a Jedi Academy Modification, which the development took place between 2003 and 2007. Previous 1.0 version was developed and released for Jedi Outcast in 2002. Knights of the Force (KotF) is an expansion pack which recreates Jedi Academy with levels, characters, environments, weapons and vehicles from the 6 movies, cartoons and comics. It is also a detailed Star Wars encyclopedia.

mustafar duel Grievous The Jedi Hunter

KotF includes 100 new Star Wars characters, 150 skins, 70 lightsabers, 40 vehicles, 50 new stages, 130 NPCs, around 40 new and upgraded menus, 70 multiplayer maps and extraordinary CD menu. All these new features are in 2 CDs (1.4 GB) and KotF requires 3.5 GB space on your hard disk.

These maps and models have been remodeled with movie standards to look more realistic and move visual for KotF. All maps are bot supported. In addition, the best 30 Jedi Outcast maps (mostly Star Wars movie maps) have been converted and upgraded for Jedi Academy.

KotF is being developed in 6 languages, which are; Turkish, English, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. KotF also includes more than 50 in-game video and cinematics and around 30 new pieces of music. To give the players full access on these maps and stages, KotF has a new menu interface. Some of these are; KotF Add/Load Menu System , KotF Player Menu System and KotF CD Menu. Apart from all these KotF has lots of new and improved functions and options. KotF runs independently from Jedi Academy and its mod files, which means KotF has its own base and mod files. This enables the player to play the mod safely apart from the other modifications that had been previously installed. After KotF has been installed, the player can also continue working on other mods or projects (This feature is not enabled in KotF demo. This featue is only enabled in the full version).

Battle of the Endor SW Episode VI Duel in the Throne room

Knights of the Force is both a Singleplayer and a Multiplayer modification..
KotF is full of new functions and options that will let the player finish Jedi Academy Singleplayer over and over again. Although Jedi Academy is a fine game, developers didn't give the players the game's full potential (probably for marketing or strategic reasons). The game has lots of functions and codes that hasn't been activated or completed and can not be seen by players in the normal gameplay. KotF uses this potential to the maximum and makes the game more realistic and a more enjoyable Star Wars adventure by activating and improving these functions and options after 4 years of hard work. More than that although the singleplayer source codes haven't been released, KotF gives the players the options that seem impossible to improve by creating different methods. For example; automatic class loading according to the chosen character, removing save/load game both from the menu and by codes, fixed glitches on changing a double sided saber to a single sided saber, new Droideka and Super Battledroid classes added, enabled to kill Class_bobafett from NPC classes, improved melee mode, double Jango Fett pistols, an NPC configuration system that hasn't seen anywhere before, fixed lots of bugs and alot more...

A bar that allows the player to change the game speed and an improved special menu has been added to change the camera angles as desired. Also added an option to enable health bars. By turning this option on you can see health bars above enemies' heads. Realistic dismember option added for lightsabers and sharp-edged weapons. Also added a "Realistic Lightsaber" option that makes the game more enjoyable and realistic. When you turn on this option, Lightsaber acts like in the movies and is effective when touching and object or enemy even if the player hasn't attacked. Gamorrean, Tusken, Weequay, Gran and such characters' weapons causes the player to bleed (spear, tusken staff, mace, axe). This option can be turned of from the KotF's CD menu. New weapons and their wielders were added such as Weequays with shield and torch, Destroyer Droideka, Super Battledroid and 4 armed General Grievous. These characters have been refitted for singleplayer.

130 new NPCs in KotF were recreated to be more smarter, more realistic and loyal to the Star Wars movies with special npc configurations never seen before in any other mod. Cinematics were added to the new levels, and with these cinematics and special short videos, players will have a Star Wars atmosphere never seen before. Original movie sounds were used to voice 100 new characters. "mission completed" and "mission failed" animations were added for each different level. KotF's interface and musics have been redesigned to excite the Star Wars fans. Subtitle options are improved, also Turkish and Potuguese subtitles were added. Plus, Turkish voiceover will also be available for JA: Multiplayer.

:: KotF Player Menu system ::
With this system you don't have to play as a padawan anymore. This improved menu system first shows itself when you choose your character at the begining of the game. You can call up this menu from KotF Add/Load Menu system. In this menu 100 original Star Wars characters have been put under 6 categories. Sith lords, Jedi Masters, Bounty Hunters, Rebel Forces, Imperial Forces and Mercs & Alliens. Detailed information about all the characters can be found in this menu such as; Background story, Weapon, Clothing, Height and available force powers. When you choose a model the infos on the screen changes accordingly. For example, when you choose Darth Vader, you get his phisical abilities, force powers and lightsaber. Or if you choose a Gamorrean you are rid of your force powers and given 2 vibroaxes. In short this menu allows the player to have the freedom to be more than a padawan. When you start a new level you don't get the menu that introduces you to your new force powers and saber styles. If you aren't happy with your current character you can change it whenever you want.

KotF Player menu system (sp) KotF Player menu system (mp)

:: KotF Add/Load Menu System ::
This is one of the most impressive features of KotF. You can see this menu by pressing "K" button while in game or from the skill menu at the start of Jedi Academy. With this menu, you can change your skin to one of the 150 other skins. You can get heavy weapons or choose one of the 70 original Star Wars light sabers from this menu. Apart from all that, you can choose from any stages or maps from the list and play or create your fantasy duel or episode at anytime you want. By pressing "N" button while in game, you can add NPCs. You can choose from 130 new NPCs and add as friendly or hostile. You can also change to Light Side or Dark side with a single click. The NPC system works organised with the CD Menu System. (detailed info at KotF CD Menu System.)

:: KotF CD Menu System ::
This never-seen-before menu system lets you choose from the new functions of KotF even before entering the game. The menu also guides you with the included video frame. Some of the settings' effects can be seen through this video frame. With this menu you can easily start KotF singleplayer or multiplayer. When you select the Single Player option, you see 3 options. First of these options lets you directly to the game. Second one which is one of the most important ones, is the Select Mission menu, lets you playthe Star Wars movie stages that comes with KotF. This menu lists the 50 new stages that comes with KotF according to Star Wars cronology. You choose which, stage, which side, which character you want to choose and you start playing right away. (Like the CD menu in KotF demo.) For example; when you select Episode 1, you can see the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's escape from the Trade Federation Ship where you can choose from 3 different characters. In this menu you choose which character to play and gameplay and scenerio changes accoridngly. In this stage you can choose Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon or a Droedeka. After you choose your settings, the game starts right away.

Third option is the NPC Add/Remove menu. This menu is for Star Wars fans who wants to create their own fantasy duel or episode. This menu is made to overcome the limitations of adding NPCs. As we all know, Kotf adds over 130 different NPCs. But becouse of the limitations to Jedi Academy, the game cant handle that much NPCs and crashes. Every player has different wants, that's what this menu is for. CD menu has infos about these 130 characters with pictures. You can choose the NPCs you want to use. However you can't select more than 30. After you add the NPCs to the list. you can insert them to the game as hostiles or friendlies from KotF Add/Load Menu System > Add NPC. These settings don't change unless you change them. Also this function soesn't harm any Jedi Academy stages or KotF maps. DOWNLOAD VIDEO

CD menu's Help & Options section seperates into 3 subsections. These are Help Center, New Options and KotF-Update. Help Center includes links to KotF forums and web site, developer infos, credits list and tips & tricks. In New Options section, you can change the language of the game and enable blood and dismemberment effects. You can also make the visuals more realistic by disabling the red Force Grip and green Force Protect effects. In KotF-Update, you can find the link to the newest version of KotF.

:: KotF Multi Character System ::
This Function lets you control more than 1 character in some special stages. For example in Episode 2 section, Kamino Jango Escape Full version stage. In the full version of this stage you there is another stage where you control Jango. In this stage you control both Jango and Arc Troopers to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi. You do this with mouse scroll. when you scroll up, you choose the next arc Trooper or Jango Fett if it's his turn. The character you left out of control keeps fighting. (Check the Beta version's VIDEOS for more info.) There are more of this kind of special stages.

:: About New Stages ::
In some of the stages you go to the next stage by winning and following the movie scenerio. You can choose some stages from the KotF CD Menu and choose your side and Character for different endings. Almost in all the stages you can choose both dark and light sides. Each stage has cinematics at the begining and in each stage each character's personality is reflected on the stage.

Light sabers, Hilts, Force powers, Clothings, their lines at that episode and even their moves (Emperor's not using the saber and not jumping in episode 6) All this with music and details enrichs the atmosphere and makes the game more realistic. You are allowed to use role playing.To make the game even more realistic, in some of the stages there are some force restrictions, animation differences and new animations. And in some stages Save and Load game is disabled, making them more enjoyable and furfilling. You can load new maps and mods faster and easier. Fixed lots of bugs in Jedi Academy in this area.

:: New Stages ::
(These are just titles and some of these contain special stages.)
SW Episode I Escape from Trade Federation ship
SW Episode I Gungan City (bonus)
SW Episode I Tatooine Darth Maul attacks (Quigon v.s Dart Maul)
SW Episode I Gungan hunt on Naboo hills (bonus)
SW Episode I Duel of the Fates (Obi-wan ,Quigon v.s Dart Maul)
SW Episode I Fear is my ally (Dart Maul v.s Obi-wan)
SW Episode II Coruscant Bar's street (bonus)
SW Episode II Jango's Escape (Obi-wan v.s Jango Fett)
SW Episode II Revenge of the Anakin (Tusken Camp)
SW Episode II Geonosis Arena
SW Episode II Battle of Geonosis
SW Episode II Count Dooku's Escape (Obi-wan, Anakin v.s Dooku)
SW Episode III Invisible hand (Obi-wan, Anakin v.s Count Dooku)
SW Episode III Battle of Utapau
SW Episode III General Grievous's Escape (Obi-wan v.s Grievous)
SW Episode III Battle of Mygeeto
SW Episode III Attack on Jedi Temple
SW Episode III Battle of the Heroes (Anakin v.s Obi-wan Kenobi)
SW Episode III You are under arrest my Lord (Mace v.s Palpatine)
SW Episode III The Emperor (Darth Sidious v.s Master Yoda)
SW Episode IV Tantive IV Assault
SW Episode IV Mos Eisley Spaceport (bonus)
SW Episode IV Escape from Death Star
SW Episode V Battle of hoth
SW Episode V Vader's Chamber (bonus)
SW Episode V Duel at Bespin (Darth Vader v.s Luke)
SW Episode VI Escape from Jabba's Palace
SW Episode VI Jabba's Sail barge
SW Episode VI Endor platform (bonus)
SW Episode VI Ewok Village (bonus)
SW Episode VI Duel in the Throne room (Darth Vader,Luke,Palpatine)
SW Episode x Grievous The Jedi Hunter (bonus)
and more unnamed special stages...

All of the maps in multiplayer are bot supported. this means you can also play against the computer. Allied characters don't fight each other, they join forces against their enemies. Maps in the game are listed according to movie cronology and map pictures in the menu are renewed. KotF's new bot system lets you see the pictures of the bots in the list. In the bot list, characters are listed from good to evil. Good characters' names are written in green and red for evil. Apart from this MP filtering improved. With this improvement it is easier to find servers with KotF and other populer mods.

Knights of the Force's multiplayer part is even more enjoyable with the new functions and menus. With the new system, like singleplayer, players can choose from 150 different skins under 6 categories. Which are: Sith Lords, Jedi Masters, Bounty Hunters, Rebel Forces, Imperial Forces and Mercs & Aliens. And this 6 categories are in 2 teams. Dark side and Light side. And with the new menu system it is enabled to have the personal abilities of the choosen characters. For Example: When you choose Darth Vader, you will hear his line "I am your father!" while seeing that skin in 3D. You will be able to see his red lightsaber, force powers and info. After you click ok you will be able to use these powers and items as you control that character. Every skin has their own personality. That means you can't see a stormtrooper with a lightsaber.

In Team Deathmatchs and CTFs there are no more red and blue teams. there are only dark side and light side skins in KotF. If you choose Luke Skywalker you are automaticly in the Light side team. Just like in Singleplayer, you are now able to play the game in different perspectives. in short, kotf is separately programmed to support many single player weapons and features also in multiplayer. since the principles of singleplayer and multiplayer are different from each other, some menus which seem to be similar were recreated, reconfigured and tested for days. More info about multiplayer will be released after KotF gets published. More than that we created a patch to let our brother mods Force Mod III and Jedi plus work well with KotF. As written above, KotF has its own base and mod folders. This way special mods that work well with Kotf can modify it.

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