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.....and so ends the Klingon Portion but what a ride!!

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Its been an interesting few weeks here at BI central. Afte rmy own hiatus with regards to crediting, I scrapped the entire Klingon station texture set. This meant retexturing, rehardpointing and re-exporting the entire klingon station set. Thankfully, this didn't take a massive amount of time and as such the Klingon side looks much like this:

Full selection of stock replacement stations but supplemented with:
-Outpost: Smaller version of the starbase. Can construct a basic selection of starships.
-Mining station: Similair to the stock replacement in looks but the freighter is different in looks and functionality.
- 3rd Shipyard: Gives access to 5 additional ships.
- Ty'Gokor: Support station. Can't build but does provide good protection for other facilities.
- Additional turrets: Due to the nature of the Klingons and their weapons technologies the turrets designated to multiple pulse beams (similair to the original stock disruptor canon but somewhat more powerful), rapid fire Torpedo turret (this is very potent. The torpedos are no where near as powerful but do fire in rapid succession), Poleron Torpedo turret (fires two modified poleron torpedos which might disable more than one system with each hit), Ion Cannon turret (fires one modified Ion canon torpedo shot that does higher damage than the ship mounted version on the Negh'Var).

As for the ship list. Well thats just something to be found out.

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Nice Work :)

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