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Hello folk, Andria will launch at the 27 May at 18 PM GMT +1. Visit the timer here: /CENSORED/ Here a full feature list and description of what Andria has. Keep in mind, the 1.1 patch will....

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Hello folk, Andria will launch at the 27 May at 18 PM GMT +1.
Visit the timer here:
Here a full feature list and description of what Andria has.
Keep in mind, the 1.1 patch will be a big patch after some time of the release.
People didn't believe in me or in my ideas, here you go!
It will provide you with a lot of new and special content, so keep in mind in the end:
Andria is keep getting developed! Andria will be hosted by:
Kronus Gaming:

Launch Trailer ModDB:
Launch Trailer Youtube:

NPC System
Friendly NPCs
These NPCs have different names, character stories, different travel ways, different functions and are unkillable.
You can talk with them, make them play music or just trade with them. Depending on what they can or not.
They will travel special areas (the whole map, just a city and so on) and are saved in the database.

Enemy NPCs
These NPCs are placed within the map and travel a from the mapper's set area in meters.
If you walk too near to them they will trigger and start to attack you. They do not friendly damage other NPCs.
These NPCs are placed at special points of maps (mines, caves) etc. to make it hard to get access to them.
They will respawn in a period of between 3 and 20 minutes. Some of them have ranged weapons (randomly set).
Video Youtube:
Video ModDB:

Persistent Characters
Your gear is loaded and saved. There is also one bank where you can safely store gold at.

General Environment
You will hear birds/owls, rivers, sea and a lot of different stuff depending on your characters location.
There are birds and ravens which fly above the sky to improve the environment a lot.

Building System
You can access the building system with (F7) and there you can choose to build buildings.
When they are in the "blue" phase they are in the building stage and can be destroyed easily.
Now you have to put resources like wood, leather or in future stone in it to complete them.
You have 15 minutes to complete the blue building or it will purge. Finished buildings will stay as long as they are not destroyed or as long as the server is not restarted.
Buildings cost gold as well and some need a repair hammer to be finished.
Note: Spamming buildings for no reason will be punished harshly.

Join Screen/Spectator explanation
Players won't be able to access the spectator. There is a join screen which will inform the player about important stuff, like the current time, weather or server details.

Sheep are added and will drop meat and leather. Soon in a new patch, there will be wool.

New Resources
In future, there will be use of stone, wool, coal/oil and other resources.
There are now cabbage fields and carrot fields on which you can gain the named food types.

Storage Crates
There are storage crates, you can create one with 4 resource items and destroy them to regain the 4 resources out of the one crate.
This system brings trading to a new experience. You can create/destroy those creates at every armory or shop.

Human Class
There is only one class called "Human" this class can do everything, there won't be class limitations.

A new Map
Andria is a whole new map, with a lot of things to explore and just the shore of it.
In future patches, there will be new areas and a lot of more.

New Music/Sounds
There is a lot of new music and a lot of new sounds which improve the gameplay a lot.

New HD Textures
A lot of HD textures got implanted to make Andria more beautiful.

It's important to survive, so there will be a lot of wild animals on the map.

Items/Scene Props
a lot of new Viking themed scene props and items

Gore System
A heavy gore system which will splash a lot of blood and leave blood on the ground.
You are also able to decap NPCs/Players and carry their head.

Inventory System
You can access the inventory system with the key F5. If you click items in the slot you will retrieve them out of it.
If you have a welded item then you will put it in the slot. If you die you drop all of your inventory content.
Your inventory is saved and loaded with your character data.

Fire Arrows & Oil
You can gain fire arrows if you convert normal arrows (no matter what type) for 1.000 gold at a brazier.
Oil bottles you can buy at stock. All stocks are set at 20 and you can't re-craft them (yet).
If you throw an oil bottle to the ground there will be placed an oil lake. If you shoot it with a fire arrow it will explode and damage agents around it.

New Hair/Skins
You now have a better looking female and male faces, hairs and beards. Have fun and make your character a copy of you IRL.

Admin Options
Admins can now teleport players, change the weather and spawn NPCs for events or just add one hour to the time.

Animations & Roleplay Features
There are plenty of new animations like sitting on ground/chairs, drinking or sleeping.
You can roll a die within the roleplay menu or walk/run (F6).
The music instruments are playable now, start using them with a right click when you did equip them.

Thirst & Hunger
You have to eat and drink. There are plenty of new receipts and food/drink types.
You will start to know them in the game. If you do not drink or eat your HP will fall down to 75%.
If you have more than 95% food and thirst then your character won't starve/loose food or gain thirst.

Day & Night Cycle
A roleplay day (24 roleplay hours) is real 6 hours. So there will be 4 full day and night cycles in one real day.
One RP hour is 15 minutes. A half hour is 7,5 minutes. The sun and the moon are animated and will move on the skybox.
If it's night then there will be a night skybox, if it's dawn or morning there will be a certain skybox as well.
Video Youtube:
Video ModDB:

Weather System
It can rain, snow (snow disabled until the new patch) or just be sunny. The wind has 4 strength values.
Flora and hair will move with the wind to make the module as realistic as possible.
There will be fog, depending on if it rains or if it's snow. Different strengths of it in different situations.
The weather system is supported by an environment sound system (rain sounds, wind sounds, thunder sounds etc)
Video Youtube:
Video ModDB:

Seasonal System
The winter and summer system will be implanted in the next version, be patient :)

Cherry Trees
There are trees from which you can gather cherries now.

Guarantee of development
We will continue developing Andria so you are never bored. We will add new stuff like:
- Resources, aggressive animals, effects and so on
We have a certain list of new add's in the new patch: Snow, Traps and a lot of more.

See you in game at the 27th!


Lookin' forward to it!

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Fantastic news, can't wait to play it.

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