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Now that we've wrapped up the Black Knight we're almost ready to move forward into designing the actual world that is the Kingdom of 12 Doors.

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With the Black Knight out of the way and the tutorial level just days from completion, we're ready to start looking at the world mechanics. I've already assembled a handful of levels to stream dynamically during play time but the progression so far is linear. We are looking into opening the world into larger areas but wether or not we can juggle the resources to make this happen on a mobile devices is uncertain until I physically make an attempt to build a large enough area and thoroughly test with rugged gameplay.

As far as the character designs go, the player is building up nicely. She will receive varied weapons, armours, and perhaps even additional allies. We've already built a fairy companion - Sylk. Sylk has both a corporeal and a sprite form, she will change back and fourth as required. The gameplay mechanics for Sylk are built around the magic-user archetype. We are hoping to add one more hero to make the duo a trio and introduce skills from the thief archetype to create a well rounded party. Siouxsie the hero, incase your wondering, is based on a warrior archetype.

Some of the older characters still need design work and will be looked at later. I will be posting a gameplay video of the Black Knight within the week - the old graphics become outdated rather quick during production. We're still missing GUI elements, other graphics, and character polish.

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