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A small fan patch for KFMod that brings about improvements as well as cut content.

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KFMod v2.53 has finally been released can be downloaded here!

Here's a copypaste of the readme included within the .rar file:

Killing Floor Ver. 2.5.3


1.3......................Some notes and credits

A minor patch that adds in some new content, cut content as well as some
improvements to the Killing Floor Mod. While this is a patch for version 2.5
of KFMod, I have decided to make it completely downloadable in a rar for
simplicity of installation and incase you don't have 2.5 installed already.

1.1 Installation:

Drag and drop the KFMod253 folder into the Unreal Tournament 2004 folder.
Do not place this in the Systems folder or replace any of the Unreal
Tournament 2004 files or you may break the game. Use the "Launch
Killing Floor.bat" file to launch the game and enjoy!

1.2 Changelog:

- New main menu screen
- Minor improvements to zed hitboxes
- 2 new perks have been implemented, Firebug and the Sergeant! ** Important note: Perks initial statistics have not been changed, meaning that they may be completely unbalanced and will be changed in a future patch.
- Changed Sharpshooters requirement text to clarify that Ranged Weapons(Winchester, Crossbow) must be used.
- Handcannon is now in Slot 2 for weapon selection
- Bullpup is now in Slot 3 for weapon selection
- Weapon priority has been changed to the following:

•Slot 1: Knife < Pipe < Axe
•Slot 2: 9mm < Dual 9mms < Deagle
•Slot 3: Flamethrower < Winchester < Shotgun < Bullpup
•Slot 4: L.A.W < Crossbow < Super Shotgun
•Slot 5: Welder < Syringe

- Crawler no longer randomly spins around in a circle and will face the player it is targetting
- Lewis's class portrait is now in black & white to fit along with the other portraits
- Handcannon aimerror/spread changed to 0
- Changed enemy squads to reduce siren, bloat and fleshpound spam
- Added Gunpound to a single monster squad
- Gunpound now shoots in long bursts, similar to the Patriarch

1.3 Notes and credits

I want to thank Gregs for providing me with version 2.51(check out his website RageQuitters)
as well as Alex Quick for making this awesome mod. I can faithfully say a version 2.54
will eventually be released with some more changes, some possible specimen variants,
improved map pathing, perk changes and a whole lot more after I come back. For now,
hopefully you can enjoy this small patch. Now get on that Killing Floor and show those zeds
whose boss!

Gregs2k2 - - 161 comments

Nice! Definitely need to try this out. Thanks for the credit as well. ;)

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Rambonius - - 15 comments

KF2.53 doesn't launch as a dedicated server from in the game. Unless KF2.52 is included in UT2K4. But the server then launches as KF2.52 instead of KF2.53.
But if KF2.53 server is launched from the dedicated server bat inside the KF2.53 folder, the KF2.53 server launches.
The server settings can be edited from in the game and KFMod253.ini directly.

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