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While Auditing our files I realized this was never released. Despite being referred to in the series Arc. This is the big reveal of what went down in 2062 in Manchester and why GDI has done all it has done in our campaign. This was mistakenly redacted from the S0 file. And was always meant to be E8. Sorry It took me so long to see this oversight. But with the prologue and this finale reveal. Rigs is the family that designed The Rig battle base, and it's Sonic Rig harvester.

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10/6/16 V1

Who we Used To Be

(The Compromised)

Season 1 Finale reveal E8

G13 Classified File

Document type: High Council Journal entry

6/15/2062 4:00AM Manchester UK: GDI Global Headquarters

My hands still shake as I log this, I’m still awake.

I know we all are.

I Hope that putting this all down will assuage my guilt, or at least let me sleep.


Me and Counselor Rigs have been discussing it since the deal was struck. Since Kane left a few hours ago... Laura just retired to her quarters, and yet I feel no better than when we started our commiseration.

No doubt others are logging their entries as well, but I umm, well I just don’t know anymore.

We have the Tacitus again, but this time is different from all the others.

It’s been so long, she’d like me to believe it’s all for the best, but what choice did we have?

It’s the 11th hour, and we’ve failed. I at least have the humility to admit that to myself. Kane, that mad man dares dictate terms to us?

After all these decades of war, we beat him over and over again, yet he seems to always come back with an ace up his sleeve.


On one hand, humanity is extinct, and on the other, humanity is a slave. What kind of choice is that?

Maybe it’s our fault for letting it get this bad? 98% of the world covered by Tiberium. The few of us that are older that still survive can’t even bear going outside. It’s not just that we’d die out there in minutes, nor is it that we have no where to go, it’s that it’s a constant reminder of our collective failure.

Us, the most powerful men and women GDI has to offer, constantly bested by one man and an alien crystal?

He knew our incredible hubris, that we’d be too proud to let the world know of our incompetence, our inability to save humanity. Oh, we did try, as they say, an old man regrets what they didn’t try in life, and we old fools tried everything.

Kane’s alliance proposition was both too good to pass up, and an unconscionable deal, what a double edged sword he gave.

He gave us the technology, the Tacitus, and the way to reclaim much of our world. And in exchange, we just build him a machine; a Tiberium network to carry out global reclamation and processing on a scale never seen before.

Not too bad a deal right?

Ya, not too bad, until he told us how these city sized complexes are meant to be powered. He said we would provide him the “Organic Components”.


Mutants, and those infected. They would be the bioTiberium bridge to the machines. We are meant to quietly round them up, and supply him these poor things, and he will make sure the rest of Nod will stop the fighting and stop spreading Tiberium, returning our life and lands to peace.

As for the details? Well that’s where the devil lies isn’t it? How convenient is it that most of us be dead and gone before the project’s fruition?

Is it our fault because most of us only put plans into motion that will last through our next elections?

I can’t believe we agreed to it, to what some are calling our “Twilight Age.”

We do this, and there’s no turning back.

Who are we now?

Giving our citizens up with no treatment? No mercy? No rights? Like cattle…

There’s no honor in that.

Hell, we were The Global Defense Initiative, we were the global government at its finest. But now, blue zones nearly operate as city states behind the scenes, and the public has no idea we’re so divided. Of course, we would never turn our guns on each other, but each blue zone is doing all they can, just to hold their own against Tiberium and Nod encroachment.

There’s so much the public doesn’t know, can’t know. All the sacrifices that must be made, for them to rise and sleep under the semblance of freedom we provide. Counselor Rigs thinks it’s our turn to take our share.

With the projections of having 98% of the world go blue, it’s a small cost. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, It’s too good to be true. But we have to try she said, we’d be failing every man women and child on this planet if we didn’t use all our assets, even the ones we don’t fully understand, to achieve the possibility of lasting peace.

With the technology at our fingers, we can finally control Tiberium. We have no choice but to trust Kane, and trust that that this historic alliance will hold.

We were finally desperate enough to compromise who we are, I mean who we were…


With this collaboration, we will build the Sonic Tiberium containment and Neutralization program (STCNP). Some optimistically call it the Tiberium Control Network (TCN) for short, hoping that if they name it better, it will some how make us feel like we had power over this situation. Ahh, what good PR can do. Spin it so it looked always sunny on The Philadelphia, even till the bitter end.

If Rigs has her way, I fear GDI will lose what humanity we have left.

Is this Kane’s ploy? Could he be that good? Knowing what would happen if this truth got out? Knowing that this could be the beginning of the end?

Strength in efficiency, strength in efficiency, strength in efficiency.

-GDI High Counselor Director Jeremy Bratson

GDI Rig Mk II: Sonic Reclamator  Rig (SRR)

Tiberian Eclipse Firestorm Generator

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