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Heading says it all really, I ponder a lot on things so feel free to add your own thought on my thoughts.

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Alright, where to start I guess... but before I do I'll make it clear now that what I notice I don't in the slightest think is anything thats been directly taken from me, I just don't believe in coincidence either so I'll leave it up to you to draw you're own conclusions.

Now, the few things that bug me hit quite close to home due to I guess what would be considered the relatively high popularity of TK for a mod, to that end it brings me nicely to my first ponderance. Some of you may remember me talking long ago about possibly creating a expansion I named Ground Zero that was going to be a expansion on TK for SoC that I annonced at a time when all that was known about the next upcoming Metal Gear was that it was going to be Metal Gear, a long time passed, and the full name for Metal Gear was announced: Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, now I'm certainly not saying the name for a expansion I considered making was poached, but that sub heading is awful close and as I said, I don't beleive in coincidence.

The next thing is TTK, better known as The Taken King expansion for Destiny (Destiny sucks btw, don't buy it), again I'm not saying TK was poached because it looked cool (and it does, thats why I chose the letters TK :p ) and somebody just thought "Hey lets put a extra "T" in there so its less obvious" but those things are awful close too... I mean if you look around (I haven't, so hey, I could be wrong) with the exception of Ground Zeroes and TTK what other games do you know of that use things like TK and Ground Zero oh so closely matching the names I thought up? Likely similar minds thinking similar things, but its interesting enough for me to think "Hmmm... maybe?" with a squinty WTF suspicious look.

Anyway, I think the playtester build of TK is almost fully vetted, it looks like I may have to sort the SoC story out myself so I'm just debating if I do that then release TK as final with a add-on for blowouts when its ready or release 2 minor updates addressing both of those things. Make no mistake, everything is almost done now, CTP implementation is almost done, all known kinks and bugs should now be worked out, and everything is about as optimised as it can be, visually theres nothing left for X-Ray to give just tweaks here and there.


Simple, put a trademark and thatll show em! jk dont.

Honestly, I think you should name the expansion something like "Emission Rising". (TKS-ER?)

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ketxxx Author

Hah I dunno, I've almost finished the mod now doesn't seem like a lot of point changing its name I'll actually be glad to have the mod finished at this point but it is strange to have so much free time again TK literally consumed all of it these last 10 years or so. I'm probably going to make a few minor changes outside the main things left to do but nothing that will take too long to do just things like adding more varied zombie appearances.

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"coincidence" just happens, over and over. Remember when other SoC mods suddently started announcing things like sun shafts or wet surfaces? :P

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Just release.

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