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Just me answering some questions for the Alliance at War mod.

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Hello community, I have been on break from Mod DB for awhile, but I thought I would come back for the moment and answer some questions...

"Larry-3, are you ever going to post your mod on Steam?"
I was going to, but I could not figure out how to upload it. I literally did make the attempt. My apologizes.

"What can we expect in the next update?"
Assuming there is a next update, more music, unit edits, fixes, map changes, and maybe a new unit... Maybe... Maaaaaybe.

"When is the next update?"
It might be years. Give me at least two.

"How can one build AAT-1's and AT-AP's in Galactic Conquest?"
The Rebel Alliance can build them if they have a Heavy Vehicle Factory on any planet with a Black Market.

"How did you pack everything you have in your mod into just a 349.5 MD download?"
With the exception of maybe two or three files, I only added everything that was needed. If something was not needed, it was not added.

"Have you nerfed the Zann Consortium?"
I have nerfed them so much, that I am really starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There comes a point to where you have to decide to either A -- break them completely, or B -- accept the fact that they a fun trolls that love to steal and sabotage you. I left them in there because I do enjoy playing them. I reduced the amount of money they earn, changed how soon they get their Aggressor Destroyers, lowered their population cap in space and how much they can get in Galactic Conquest, and reduced their armor/vehicle company sizes. That was just off the top of my head, though. I have nerfed them a fair bit.

"Larry-3, I like the large Galactic Conquest with many planets, but can we can a small one for more casual play?"
"The Lines are Drawn" scenario has about 35 planets.

"How can you add the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, but not the Galactic Empire's 501st Legion?"
I can add them, but the problem is numbers. It is easy to add a company of troops, but the 501st is a legion... a legion. Deploying that many troops from a transport causes problems.

I like answering these Q&A's, I might add more questions and answers to this post, ha.

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