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The most recent version of Starcraft Race Swapped Campaigns as of June 2022.

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- Certain missions should (hopefully) now be playable on older versions of Starcraft. (Pre Remastered patches)

- [Emperor's Fall: Ground Zero - Protoss Version] Pylons now have correct default stats. Player starting Pylons start with reduced shields to avoid breaking triggers by surviving nukes.

- [The Kel-Morian Combine - Protoss Version] Raynor now properly monologues like Fenix in the original mission after the player kills enemy Command Centers.

- [The Quest for Uraj - Terran Version] Victory triggers now properly activate upon bringing Tassadar to the crystal.

- [Assault on Aiur - Both Versions] Slightly adjusted hero starting positions to prevent some heroes not being "rescued" immediately upon the maps start, which caused the hero's death notification trigger to activate incorrectly.

- [Showdown - Zerg Version] Defensive colonies are now properly returned to the player after being stunned for every EMP activation rather than only the first activation.

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