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After along time coming, the programming mechanics behind Sonics gameplay is now finally coming to a close. Just one more ability from the classic genesis/Megadrive era to be implimented into the gameplay....

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Hey folks,

The end of Sonic coding
After along time coming, the programming mechanics behind Sonics gameplay is now finally coming to a close. Just one more ability from the classic Genesis/Megadrive era to be implimented into the gameplay. Can anyone guess what it maybe?

Thanks to Xaks time, and hard work on ADR and with his continued support since stepping down as lead programmer; The UDK version of Ashura: Dark Reign is starting to somewhat feel like the Hedgehog engine.

A new way forward:
Within the last month, alot of things have been implimented or created waiting to be placed into the game in some way, shape or form.
Over the next few months the main focus of ADR, will start to shift over more to level design now that most of the code base has almost finally been achieved.

Badniks & other things:

Its been several months since any image has been uploaded, so here are four render images of ADR's Badniks that will be featured in the game and the latest look at SuperSonic.

The menu and options screens are being sketched up and made to give the correct feel and balance, so hopefully we will have a decent menu system built sometime later in the year.
More news on that in the coming months.

As some of you is eager to know whats been done and what you could potencialy see in ADR, heres the list:

Here's whats been done since the May 6th 2011 update:
* Simple Badiks coded.
* Ability to homing attack towards Badniks implimented.
* Walk/jog(Only) Volume created for Hub world areas.
* Wall jump ability coded.
* Fixed issues regarding boosting ability.
* Very basic form of Grinding has been coded (Very glitchy).
* Badniks now spawn creatures and parts upon being destroyed.
* Skeleton model of Sonic for electric shocks has been made.
* Electrified shader material for skeleton model.
* Generations- Bottomless pit info actor created.
* Checkpoint system implimented.
* Simplified homing attack reticule implimented.
* Generations: Indicator implimented.
* Classic Sonic & Knuckles Egg robots return. (Modeled, and animated with basic programming.)
* Configurable physics kick on hitting Badniks.
* Cannon actor coded. (beta)
* Collectable Item implimented.
* Spring model updated.
* Handle actor coded for pulleys & ziplines.
* Sonic 3 - Springboard created.
* Land impact effect implimented.
* Random homing attack animations implimented.
* Spring pole actor coded.
* Wall Trickpad coded.(Beta)
* Footstep sounds implimented
* Multiple animation timings tweaked.
* Sonic skin & SpinDash ball texture updated to near Genesis/Megadrive style.
* Super Sonic Skin texture updated.
* SpinDash dirt particle effect implimented.

For more information regarding current job openings on the team, do check out our recruitment forum on our board. ;)



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thx !! 4 update

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You guys do realize that the Hedgehog Engine is JUST a graphics engine right?

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Dekrayzis Author

I do believe its graphics and physics, but I maybe wrong.

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It's just graphics, but enough people confuse it for being the whole dealio that it's pretty much become a ubiquitous term for 'official Sonic engine.'.

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Oh man please tell me you're bringing back the super peel out to sonic. That was one of his coolest moves.

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