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This week's update brings jump gates, two new spaceships, new missions, three new achievements, four new items, a new bonus card, two new Steam Achievements and language support for French and Brazilian Portugese!

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Jump Gates

Jump gates are large structures in deep space that enable fast travel between galaxies and within a galaxy. Jump gates are always coming in pairs. When you enter a system with a jump gate, you can decide what you want to do. First, you can jump to the other jump gate in the same galaxy. This can be used to reduce the travel distance or to make your escape from Nemesis ships easier. The other option is to leave the galaxy and to jump to a new one. When leaving a galaxy, all missions are aborted and you lose all your threat levels! This is new way to get rid of your threat and to continue your game. The new galaxy is completely new generated with new space stations, new asteroid fields, etc.

In order to add jump gates to your next game, you need to get the new achievement 'Traveler' first. Then, you can add jump gates as a bonus card in the game creation step.

New spaceships

The Vistharg alien race was playable since the Early Access launch. Now, they get their own starships: the Hathor and Horus ship classes. The Hathor is comparable to the Demeter and it is unlocked together with the Demeter. The Horus is even bigger than the Zeus and has an additional room. However, it is not that easy to unlock.

New missions

So far, you could request missions from space stations. Now, you can also get missions from events when entering a new system. I did not add new events, but I added missions to several existing events. You will find them on your journey through the outer space!

More missions and more mission types will be added with future updates!

Bug Fixes

  • I fixed a translation mistake in two German event descriptions.

Coming up next...

  • New player role: Space explorer. Explore galaxies without knowing the galactic map and without generating threat.
  • Crew skill system. Your crew members will get XP for doing their job which you can use to make them even better!
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