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This news article will tell about almost everything going on for the next version of the UA mod (1.73), and update what's happening for the 1.72.7 release!

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Ultimate Apocalypse Mod

News - June (Version 1.72.7 Release and 1.73 WIP!)

Version 1.72.7 Release! Tyranid lovers rejoice!

Download from:

Note: If downloading from Mega, make sure you either use Google Chrome (or Chromium) or install the Mega browser extension, otherwise the file won't be saved correctly as it is over 100MB. Official explanation here.

Version 1.72.7 (yes, not version 1.72.6) is the best release yet. New units! Many balance changes! Broken bug fixed that caused multiplayer sync error issues when Tyranids in game! Dark Eldar general ai and random crash to desktop fixed! Better performance.

I updated the news, a little small message to read Razorback Goodies Too!

Things to note:

- XP3 is not worked on with care until version 1.73. 1.73 will be the keen focus in version 1.73.

- Daemons are restricted in the mod as of 1.72 and 1.72.7! They are getting a major revamp in version 1.73!

- This version fixes the deepstrike hotkey also (E to m). It will allow better access of deepstriking. To have this PROPERLY added ingame, please go to:
- DOW Directory/profiles/*user*/*mod*(ultimate_apocalypse)/keydefaults
- search for "deepstrike", and set the hotkey to "M", or any shortcut you want. Feel free to change up the hotkeys as you like.

- This version fixes the Tyranid multiplayer sync error, many balance changes, AND fixes the bugged Dark Eldar ai that was since broken in version 1.6 of the UA mod.
- Less crash to desktops, better performance, better balance, more bug fixes.

In the news about 1.73...

As some of you may already know, version 1.73 is planned in progress! Because of some very generous donators, the next version is in progress, starting this week (5/7/13). What is version 1.73 and what will it contain?

  • Campaign fixes... everywhere (1.73).

  • XP3 fixes and revamp... everywhere (1.73).

  • Skirmish ucs and hotkey fixes... everywhere (1.73).

  • Chaos Daemons and Inquisition Daemonhunters revamped! (1.73)

Version 1.73 will be the most glorious version yet that will involve a main dead on focus for XP3. The Kaurava Campaign, Survival, the Arena, and Zombie Apocalypse modes will be remade with full dedication for the next few months, featuring new ideas and new epicness to play with. Along with this, very many Ultimate Apocalypse campaign adjustments will be added along with Mission 3!!!

The Ultimate Apocalypse Campaign as you all know seems a little bit stiff on the story, and for the most part, no dialogue and speech. Version 1.73 will definitely fix both of those, and all thanks to the man with the brilliant ideas: Jazz Sandwhich, UA mod team member, VO, script writer for the UA mod; XP3 will be remade to skirmish epic, perhaps better.

Along with this, version 1.73 will fix some balance and adjust skirmish gameplay definitely for all factions! There is still one more gameplay total revamp concept to get done, and that will be in place for version 1.73.

Now what about the Secret Codes???

Ah yes, those. They will be out when 1.73 gets done. I am very sorry for the inconvenience about the 1.72 release and promised codes for that, but... we ran out of time, and the codes did not get done. What the codes will contain is the "Grand Puzzle." Unlock the codes and unlock the secrets of the Grand Puzzle, and win. It is still in conceptual stages.

Version 1.73 will take months to complete and will not be rushed!

Version 1.73 will take a while to get completed, because, guys, we are talking about a total revamp of the campaign, along with that, new story development, and polish of the Kaurava Campaign plus all 9 strongholds. Version 1.73 will be released in the next 3 months if we are lucky. That means:

  • The next version will be epic.
  • The next version will be not only skirmish, but campaign 100% functional.
  • The next version will support EVERYTHING.

In case if you haven't noticed, version 1.72 is now campaign playable, so play it today! All it lacks is tune ups, but version 1.73 will revamp this entire thing to everyone's liking.Oh and play as Tau in version 1.72.5. *hint hint*So that is our plans! All bug reports will be fixed in version 1.73 as well, and new content will be in play for version 1.73. So await it, spread the word, and prepare for the release of 1.73 this year!

Ultimate Apocalypse Grand Release (1.7)

Download the Grand Release, version 1.7 today!

BUT GET THE PATCH BELOW!!!! Download 1.72.7 today!

Ultimate Apocalypse 1.72.7 Patch

Ultimate Apocalypse Grand Release Trailer:


Why provide donations? To sum it all up, you get lots of stuff from us, including a continued campaign that is yet unfinished and loads of support and mod fixes.

Those who provide donations will keep the UA team alive, active to continue developement of this mod, and by donating, the creators of this mod will provide further
updates to the crowd along with new requests from donators and audiences. On top of this, there is an unfinished campaign; so if donations become
available to the UA team, the campaign can one day be finished! If no donations are provided, the mod will no longer be worked on as it is time to move on from it
almost completely. If no donations... things that should be completed will never be completed because it is not the passion anymore that keeps us going. We have
explored it all, we love this mod, but not enough anymore to work for free. If donations are applied, it keeps us going, and it gives reason to work on this mod again,
and again, depending on the types of donations and count.

This is no requirement, you are not paying for this mod, it is all optional, but very appreciated.

So if you want us to keep going, donate, or we have no choice but to move on.


The list of donators are provided in the link above!

More donations were added as of 7/5/13


Aw yeah! Waiting!

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woohooo yes great news!!

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so.. only minor bug fixes and multiplafer fixes? no new units or anything like it?

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Lord_Cylarne Author

New units, new upgrades. :)

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a silly question does this mod fix the wide screen problem with dawn of war? or should i just make a fresh install of 1.3?

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