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Ah sun, sea, and a very short update on the development progress :-).

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Unfortunatly not a lot of media in this update, but more of an update behind the development.\
So in the end of June, Valve released Source SDK 2013.At that time, we wanted to start all over again since we were not even at an alpha stage yet.So we deleted all files, and moved on with SDK 2013.
But during the compile process in Visual Studio, a lot of things went wrong.
For instance, we were not able to build a fully standing modification build because the compiler could not find some files such as client.dll for some odd reason.Though on the other hand, we are kind of happy that this happened, since we heard SDK 2013 features a lot of gameplay bugs, and the SDK itself is also half broken.
This means we need to continue using SDk 2007, and port to 2013 when Valve releases a fix for all the current bugs.
Before we close this update, I'd like to say that we are still alive but most of us are working on some other mods or are busy with personal life.Also we got a very big suprise for the Half-Life lovers in one of the next updates, so make sure you stay tuned!
And last but not least, we are looking for talented developers who can help us out of the development of this mod. More information can be found here.
And that concludes this months update.We hope to see you back in the next update.

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