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After nearly two years, July Anarchy Prologue is getting another major overhaul.

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July Anarchy Prologue version 1.3 is on the way. This next version should offer a more randomized spawn system, more natural battles, improved endings and various fixes. Here's a rundown of what to expect.


  • New battle spawn system built from the ground up, ensuring more natural battles that feel much larger and more fluid.
  • Rebalanced weapons to make melee combat much faster.
  • Playing on Mosh Pit mode earns more Adrenaline.
  • Improvements to the "good" ending cutscenes.
  • New soundtrack
  • Improvements to the missions in Sector D and C.
  • More capable AI for allies.
  • More voice acting.
  • Less idiotic Readme file.
  • Auto-saves added to certain areas.


  • Adjust cutscenes to no longer go over the engine's default vertical limit, requiring a camera hack to view properly.
  • New nu-metal journal entry and completion sounds now replace default sounds instead of playing over them.
  • Remove all instant death spells from enemies (for real this time).
  • Remove Bebelith's ability to strip away armor.
  • Properly compressed ending credits vid no longer takes up 88mb.
  • Return Vincent Meda's head to the proper pre-CEP upgrade model.
  • Army combatants in Tier-Anoch no longer use old weapons and AI.
  • Rocket Launcher can no longer be resisted by enemies.
  • Abandoning the comms tower while it's being repaired now fails that mission.
  • Various spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Removal of test box in Sector C containing a motherload of AdrenaMax items.
  • Tanks and technicians will no longer remain in Sector D after you reach the main battle.
  • Characters in Sector F no longer stand around doing nothing after the fight begins.


Awesome news!

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