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July Anarchy Prologue, the massively-overhauled Neverwinter Nights-based action-RPG, has finally been unleashed on the community!

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Imagine you're on your way to work, same as any other day. Imagine you're driving through rush hour traffic, stuck baking in the summer heat while wondering how the guy in front of you still has a license or how many times you've heard your favorite station play that one stupid song you wish people would stop calling in for.

Imagine you decide to cool off by casting an ice spell over your forehead. Imagine seeing the pointed ears of the elfin driver in front of you jutting from his headrest like antenna. Imagine that station you're listening to isn't playing on your car stereo, but directly into your mind.

You don't notice right away, but the flow of the streets has shifted. You see the cars up ahead making illegal U-turns, some trading paint as they nudge their way to the other lane. The blaring of irritated car horns shifts into the screeching of burning rubber, and you can't understand what the fuss is about.

Then you see the dragon.

It crawls alongside the skyscraper just fifty yards ahead, sending bits of shattered glass and cement raining to the sidewalk below. It glares at the panicked little insects beneath it with cruel sapphire eyes and unleashes a roar that cracks your brand new windshield. The behemoth's wings spread and make the plunge to your lane of traffic.

You don't even know how you made it out of the car. All that matters is you keep running. Down the alley, past the coffee shop, through the fountain. You can feel the taunting breeze of the dragon's wings at your back. Suddenly a new wind blows, with a different kind of roar. You look up to the sky to see the solid silhouette of a helicopter, blades beating against the sunlight. It hovers toward the beast like a saint banishing the Devil.

But the Devil strikes first.

The dragon slams its head into the helicopter's fuselage before it can get a shot off. The explosion knocks it off guard. Both beast and machine tumble to the ground, slamming the pavement in flames.


The blast knocks you off your feet. The screaming crowd around you diminishes as you try to take a stand. You find yourself not twenty feet from the silent dragon and the dead helicopter laying beside it. Every electron in your brain pulses around one question: Is it dead?

As if to spite you, the dragon huffs to consciousness and shrugs the wreckage off. It plants its thick claws into crushed asphalt and comes to a stand. You see your own horrified face reflected in its feral gaze.

Then you sense another presence. Bold, heavy footsteps approach from behind, the only sound not fleeing the beast. You turn to see a kid barely out of his teenage years, masked with weeping blonde dreadlocks and a face handkerchief adorned with the Anarchy symbol. But in his eyes, you see nothing but defiance to the dragon ahead, the look a wolf gives to anything that threatens its territory. He is armed with nothing but a lit Molotov cocktail burning brighter than the sun through this veil of smoke.

The kid notices you laying defenseless on the ground. He comes to your side, and you suddenly wonder whether the boy or the dragon is a greater threat to you. You vaguely make out a grin behind the red "A" on his handkerchief. He reaches into his black denim jacket and reveals a polished short sword. The blade falls to the ground, it's black studded handle tempting your shaking fingers, and you hear the kid ask:

"Ready to have some fun?"

With that, he rushes at the dragon, Molotov in the air. You see your reflection in the blade you hold. You think to yourself that the kid has offered you not a weapon, but a choice. Will the face you see in that reflection be just another scream in a panicked crowd, fleeing anything that bares its fangs? Or is it the face of a man who stands firm, stares his challenger in the eye, and defends his right to exist?

This is your world. This is nu fantasy. This is the Dyarodian Era.

July Anarchy Prologue is the first chapter of an epic urban-fantasy saga in which the real world is locked in a dire war with creatures of myth. You are a Nomad, somebody who takes the fight to the mythic horde by any means necessary. Your war has brought you to the uneasy American-Mexican border, where dragons are said to be making their way to the American city of San Antonio. What awaits you is a challenge like nothing you've face before, both physically and emotionally. Do whatever it takes to survive as you make your way through a massive real-time battle and piece together the beginnings of a terrifying conspiracy that threatens everything you once knew.

July Anarchy Prologue aims to change the gameplay of Neverwinter Nights as much as possible. Featuring a plethora of new content and one of the largest battles ever rendered in the Aurora Engine, this mod changes Dungeons And Dragons dice-rolling into a furious contest of survival in a completely unique setting that combines fantasy, sci-fi and the modern world. If you have hated every NWN game you've played so far, this is the mod for you.

July Anarchy Prologue gameplay screenshotsJuly Anarchy Prologue gameplay screenshots
July Anarchy Prologue screenshotsJuly Anarchy Prologue gameplay screenshots


  • Fast-paced tactical combat.
  • Beginning of a deep story set in a completely new world.
  • A massive open battle with enemies and allies
  • Play to your style: Choose how intense you want the battle to be at any time
  • AI combatants that dynamically talk to each other
  • Truly unique melee weapons such as a staff that causes brain damage or a sword that shoots infinite Magic Missiles
  • Modern guns, grenades, and rocket launchers
  • Game-changing Adrenaline System rewards you for kills with huge stat boosts
  • Reach an Adrenaline Rush and go on a nearly-invincible killing spree
  • Keep track of your score, kills and more. Go for a high score and get your name on the leaderboard!
  • One of the first single-player NWN mods to make use of D20 Modern 2.0 content!
  • Huge replay value with multiple endings, hidden secrets and addictive combat
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I'm downloading.

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Awesome, downloading now

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