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There are over 40 different allies and enemies in July Anarchy Prologue, all which can help or hurt you in a variety of ways. Here's a peek at a few of the game's exclusive units, and what you can expect from them in a fight.

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There are over 40 different allies and enemies in July Anarchy Prologue, all which can help or hurt you in a variety of ways. Here's a peek at a few of the game's exclusive units, and what you can expect from them in a fight. (Note that respawn times are based on the default Battle Intensity setting. All creatures respawn instantly on Mosh Pit mode)


HP: 20
WEAPONRY: AK-47, Battleaxe, Tear Gas Grenade
RESPAWN TIME: Approx. 15 Seconds

Gnoll Warmongers form one of the largest divisions of the Mythan horde and serve as basic infantry. Don't be fooled into thinking that means they're just around to eat bullets for the bigger guys. Warmongers are trained in human warfare tactics and have a basic knowledge of firearms and grenades. They tend to stray from the main fight to hit you from behind with gas grenades and rifle spray. But get them within reach of your sword and they should go down in a few easy hits. If that's not possible, get behind some cover and return fire.


HP: 60
WEAPONRY: Hanbo (often in pairs)
RESPAWN TIME: Approx. 30 Seconds

They may not look like much, but Praetorian Souldancers can easily become your biggest headache. Adept in defensive magic, a Souldancer can instantly heal another Mythan right when you're about to deal the finishing blow. Even before that, they can cast an array of support spells for your enemies that can give even a Gnoll Warmonger an edge over you. Worse yet, they will, of course, heal themselves more than any other creature when you try to take them out. The good news is they lack combat training and offensive magic. Either use a Knockdown move or a tactical grenade to stop them from casting healing magic, then beat the snot out of them before they can get back on their feet.


HP: 126
WEAPONRY: HK G-36 Assault Rifle, Glock 17, Frag Grenades
RESPAWN TIME: Approx. 40 Seconds

The Army's basic infantry. They can't win the war for you, but you can't win the war without them. Soldiers are ranged fighters that can utilize advanced tactics such as taking cover and flanking when in the presence of a commander. Pay attention to what these privates are doing, especially if a commander is near. By coordinating your attacks with theirs, you can wipe out a swath of Mythans in less than a minute, giving you precious seconds of peace. Let them give you covering fire while you go in for the big guy, or keep melee attackers off their backs while they pummel that Fire Giant with 5.66mm rounds.


HP: 62
WEAPONRY: Glock 17, Survival Knife
RESPAWN TIME: Approx. 45 Seconds

Army Mages are one of the most unpredictable units on the battlefield. Versed in a wealth of offensive magic, these tactical wizards can transform the entire battle in a few spells, creating walls of fire to thin out advancing enemies or sacking a Mythan with electric shocks. Even better, their bizarre helmets give them a high resistance to enemy magic, so even if an entire squadron gets hit with a daze spell, the mage will still be there to ward off the enemy while his friends recover. It goes without saying that these rare units are worth being kept alive, but that's no easy task. They lack strong armor and come equipped with only a sidearm. They should stick to the back lines on their own, but if you see an enemy making a break for their position, you better intercept fast before you're down one spellcaster for 3/4 of a minute.


HP: Variable
WEAPONRY: Variable
RESPAWN TIME: Approx. 60 Seconds

Easily the most powerful standard units on your side, Nomads combine medieval weaponry with modern combat strategies and technology to become the ultimate one-man Mythan-killing machines. There is no standard issue gear for a Nomad: Whether they fight up close with swords, at a distance with bows or both with magic is up to the individual. One thing is for sure, Nomads are going to be the ones causing the greatest amount of damage to any enemy as long as they're alive. Two Nomads are better than one, so the best way to make use of their help is to fight right alongside them, helping them cut Mythan after Mythan down to size. But remember, these guys are pros while you're still an amateur. If they end up going after a dragon or a stone giant, it might be best to back off and keep smaller enemies from backstabbing them.

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