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Just checking in with a quick news post to keep you guys up to date with what's going on with the mod.

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July 2010 News Update

Just checking in with a quick news post to keep you guys up to date with what's going on with the mod.

Since our initial release at the start of this year and the subsequent bug fix patch, development of the mod has all but come to a halt for a number of reasons -- other commitments, work, school, lack of interest etc. However, the general reaction to WW1 Source was positive and it seems (for some reason!) some people actually enjoyed playing the mod :)

Anyway, to bring you up to speed; the dev team has been hit with Wickit and Deceiver having to resign due to other commitments and I would just like to say a big thank you to them for all of the hours of hard work they put into bringing you the mod - if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be anywhere. Wickit will still be around but in a "backroom" roll. In the interim I'll be taking over as the team leader until we can find a full time replacement for Wickit (which will be no mean feat!).
So that's the crux of this post, if you have ANY skill whatsoever I'd be VERY interested in hearing from you as a potential addition to the dev team or just general advisor to development of the mod. If you have any interest in seeing new releases and improvements the only way we'll get them is by people (like you) volunteering their skills.
To reiterate, I'd love to hear form you if you are a:
- modeller
- texture artist
- mapper
- coder
- animator
- History enthusiast!
- ANYTHING else that could help us.
I'll look at everyone who applies without prejudice.
You can apply in our forums @ WW1-Source.Net
or PM me via Moddb.
Cheers from WW1 Source for your continued support and once again, this will only continue if we get some help!

Maybe i could be your History enthusiast^^

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I could be a History enthusiast, I just so happened to have done a few A+ history essays on WW1, and I've also made a couple mods set in WW1.

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Sad that most mods die off this way. Not that it will happen to this mod but something to be aware of.

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I think most of the people that are actually interested in and wanting to play the mod are probably history enthusiasts. :P

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