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Last news about Azure Sheep remake.

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Good day, everyone!

We're releasing an article as we promised.
We were very pleased to read your comments on the teaser.
Well, let's start the media release with some information:

The work is still active and we have some progress.
There are two screenshots from "Where are you, Kate?":


And Walking to Inbound chapters:


We're still working on the new models.
Here's an example of our work:

P.C.V. Recharge Unit from Opposing Force
It was not in the original mod, but it's not a problem for us, it will make game's world more filled.


We replaced Satchel with C4 explosives.
Model is from Black Mesa itself, but we made new high quality texture for it.


Also few maps will have its own 3D or 2D skybox.


Wait for new info soon!


You can join and chat with us on Discord and support us on Patreon where we post some exclusive content!

HECU Collective Discord ServerHECU Collective Patreon

Your support really matters to us.

HECU Collective

KrispyOS - - 1,285 comments



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Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

That first screen is amazing compared to what it was!

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LeoJFC - - 752 comments

The level of detail is extraordinary. Very good work, guys!

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Cansin12 - - 10 comments

This is just incredible.

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XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments


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wmf776759 - - 471 comments

WOW, man. Excellent work, really.

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[_-=MTB=-_] - - 949 comments

Nice, Very Nice!

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Blue199 - - 6,973 comments

Looking at how empty that first (and every other) hallway was in the original mod compared to what it looks now is just incredible!

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X-Ray. - - 969 comments

Amazing so far

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PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

In case if anyone hadn't noticed, it's July Media Release.... a typo.

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SamuraiMarciano - - 561 comments

******* Awesome PCV Charger!!!

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