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First tagline choice: "Huge wait... Tiny patch..." Second tagline choice: "A patch so minor, pedobear would approve."

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This patch is pretty pathetic, given the delay involved, but hopefully it'll clean the current Steamtastic situation up, fix a few critical issues, and lead to bigger, better, more frequent things.

New Map

• Nightmare Edana (nightmare_edana) by Furion, Self Adjusting (Moderate-Hard), Disconnected

- Humorous little map. Post-apocalyptic "Edeadna"

- Custom scripts and models by Furion, and voice overs by SquareSoftKnight

Other Changes

• Double click fix now integrated.
• Recompile/resource optimization for Shender_East.
• Various efforts to ensure Hunderswamp_North behaves.
• Increased most Lightning DOT durations 200% and reduced damage by 25%
- Increases the accuracy debuff advantage (true for NPCs as well) [May undo, we'll see how it goes]
• Yet another stab at ensuring Bloodrose will not crash at Flesheater.
• Blood Blades now use Swordsmanship skill proper.
• Thunder Breaker's secondary now using Lightning damage proper.
• Some efforts made to ensure Glow doesn't fail.
• Pharaoh of Storms properly boss flagged.
• Various monster spawn stuck check related issues.
• Major applyeffect DOT optimization.
• Updated FN readme with current servers.
• A thousand or so other minor bug fixes and optimizations...

• RKS servers will be moving to the Steam Pipe version and should show up on the Server Browser
- (Hopefully no other issues crop up with that.)

Mapper Toys
• trigger_teleport's "delay" property now works like a trigger_multiple in that it disables the trigger for seconds before reset.
• Scriptevent ext_teleportfx1 now works for monsters as well
• ext_teleportfx2 - works as ext_teleportfx1 but without the visual effect and a more dramatic audio effect
• Monsters using base_jumper now take "set_no_jump" / "set_jump" as addparams and scriptevents. (Includes newer goblins, among others.)

New Lewts

• The Corrodinator
- First of the contest reskins to finally appear, this helm increases acid/poison DOT duration by 50%
- (rare misc epic)

• Icy Crescent Blade
• Flaming Crescent Blade
• Electrified Crescent Blade
• Envenomed Crescent Blade
- (Req: Smallarms 30)
- Various elemental flavors of the Crescent Blade with DOT's based on the associated magic skill.
- As mentioned before, any combination of Crescent Blades (elemental or otherwise) counts as a Matched Set, and thus receives no dual-wield penalty.

New Beasties

• monsters/bat_large - Large Bat* (32x32, 100hp, ~10dps, vermin, low)
- Larger, meaner version of the classic bat.

• monsters/bat_large_vampire - Vampire Bat (32x32, 200hp, ~25-50dps, vermin, medium)
- Vampryic bat with very aggressive and evasive flight model.
- Regenerates 10% maxhp per strike.
- Greater Poison DOT on every 5th consecutive strike.

• monsters/bat_large_shreaker - Shreaker Bat* (32x32, 300hp, ~50dps, vermin, medium)
- This bat generates a stunning sonic blast every 5 seconds.

• monsters/ogre_cave_thug - Cave Ogre Thug* (32x96, 4000hp, ~200dps, orc, hard)
- Large brutish beast with a chain of combo attacks, knock back, and slamming stun.
- More sluggish than most of the cave ogres, and unable to jump.
- Rapid passive regen scales with any hp adjustment (base 20hp/sec).

• monsters/ant_fire_warrior - Fire Ant Warrior* (32x16, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Giant red ant, periodically breaths fire.
- "ant_red" faction agros against pretty much any race other than its own.

• monsters/ant_fire_flyer - Elite Fire Ant Warrior* (32x64, 500hp, ~60dps, ant_red, medium)
- Flying variant of the same model. Hovers. Breath has push back and is used more frequently.

• Workers and black ants pending.

* Available and tested, but not appearing in this release.




A ******* new patch.

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