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A short post about job requirements in FFT:Rebirth.

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I've actually been getting a lot of emails on FFT: Rebirth lately so someone must have linked to it somewhere (blog post or article). In this article you can see the updated job requirements for the mod (image below). Note that calculator here is actually dark knight. The blue highlighted cells denote changes from Vanilla. So basically the summoner requirements was increased to level four in both Priest and Wizard and the Dark Knight has a smattering of Fighting and Wizard class requirements.

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One special note is that Mime is much harder to unlock in the mod due to the requirement of having two level 8 requirements. Level 8 now takes 5000 job points to obtain. This is due to our desire to increase variety of enemy skill use (enemies set to a job level 8 will know have 5000 jp worth of skills, more than double their original jp amount).


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