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Remaking this models you should remember one basic rule: respect the original.

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First, I must sorry, that I’ve prolonged this so much.

Ok, let’s start the revision.

1. The bridge shield
It took first my attention so let’s start with it.
In case of HW1 model this shield was protecting the bridge from attack from above and sides. It was modelled this way that it showed that it is the shield, also textures on it were describing that it’s quite markable part of the defender.
In your case, this practical thing dissappeared at all and became very strange thing without sence.
It even looks unconvinient for the pilot to get in....

2. The belly
All the fighters except for the bomber have markable belly form.
Even the Defence Fighter - just his belly goes straight into the bridge so it’s not very understandable:
Also, if we look to it we see that it make one beautiful line:
But you have made him sepukku:

3. The pyramid
The third thing that you have changed is pyramid, making it very little. It is not very according to the all pyramid taiidans:
Especially according to the Kudaark High profile:
Your’s so small, why didn’t you cut it off? ):

Side “balls”:
First, follow the Trinity:
Yes, there are old marks, showing us the first position of guns - kushan defender alike, but now it’s really changed, so you can change this texture with pure heart:
But no ugly hanging up for the fast repair:

5. Guns
First, guns were more concentrated together, now it’s looks like defender’s going for the macedonian shooting (triple handed):
Second, I don’t understand if your guns are going to go back in burst shooting:
And also turn while doing this:
And why the black line, looking like AR shutter, is moved down?

You may consider some of this remarks very untrue. BUT.
Remaking this models you should remember one basic rule: respect the original.
Just know that you’re not the author of the original that you want to improve. So no "I would change it because I think it would be better" - no your like, just reasonable changes like "I've overlooked all the concepts and ships, and this looks more one-way with other race ships if it's done this way" or "I can't do it purely of technical reasons, so I did it this way" or "the concept shows this thing can be like this".

One little thing won't change a shape of a ship, but when these are a lot...
So your defender is denied and is needed to be remade.

P.S.: Some pix for investigating:
1. Taiidani design:
2. Taiidani Olds:
3. Taiidani Concepts:
And of course the textures and shapes of the models.


I'm really wondering what Jkberna's reply is going to be, if he'll reply. I have some prediction, but I'm not gonna comment more umtil I'll hear from him.

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