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Jidousha Shakai is a new racing game that is set to push the boundaries that any open-world racing game has attempted before!

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Jidousha Shakai (Drift)

Jidousha Shakai needs your help!

With unrivaled customization and tons of community options to keep the game alive years ahead of it's time and active developers catering to the niche group of ideas that gamers have wanted from bigger franchises for decades is what sets Jidousha Shakai apart from the competition. It is of course no surprise that all of this comes at a price and sacrifice to the developers at hand, and it is for this reason that Jidousha Shakai and CloudWeight Studios need your help to make the game get one step closer to the ultimate reality! In the next couple of days to weeks we will be posting our Greenlight campaign and we would like for everyone who is interested to help us out. Obviously this will be a big undertaking but this is one of the many hills we must get over in order to accomplish the dreams of many. We ask that you help us when the time comes and advertise/vote the game whilst on Steam Greenlight so that Jidousha Shakai's development can move forward. More information will be posted on this topic, but in the meantime please feel free to check out Jidousha Shakai and it's testing updates to stay up to date on everything that is JS! :)

-Frezno, Lead Developer of Jidousha Shakai

More pictures of Jidousha Shakai's current state below!

Fun in the sun :)

Jidousha Shakai (Sun)

Physically Based Shading in progress.

Jidousha Shakai (Speed)

SpeedTree is a great resource that is being taken advantage for realistic looking trees!

Jidousha Shakai (Tree)

Parking lot donuts in a stockie :)

Jidousha Shakai (Drift2)

The sun likes to photobomb!

Jidousha Shakai (Racing Time)


I downloaded the game as it look very promising but why do I have to have to login, I thought it was offline and when I tried to create an account, login or whatever I can't even type in my entire email address. So for 0.8 or future version it would be great to have an offline mode. Now that doesn't mean I don't like the game even though the only things I've seen from it are the booting screen and some screenshots, but as far as i can tell the game look very very promising, the screenshot look awesome and really show the potential of the game. And finally since I think this should definitely be on Steam, for the advertising of the greenlight project a good idea might be to contact youtubers in the "racing video game community" for them to make a video on the game, I am thinking here about BlackPanthaa,SlapTrain,AR12 and others that I don't know.

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Frezno Author

Hi! Sorry for the bugs, I am working hard to rid of them, it seems to be a major issue :/ I have contacted a couple youtubers and should be hearing back from them soon if at all :)

I am working very hard to get this project going and have been for the past two years, I appreciate your kind words and can't wait to show everyone what's in the future for Jidousha Shakai!

PS: We are now on Greenlight!

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